Gloria RamirezMy educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Master in Business Administration (MBA). I am member of internationally renowned motivational speaker, Les Brown’s Platinum Speakers Network. I am also a certified LifeSucess Consultant with Bob Proctor, co-author of the famous movie and book “The Secret.” More about her association with Bob Proctor

I am  the founder of Glorious Being Center, a 501 (c)(3) exempt organization and a ministry devoted to empowering children to greatness.

I am passionate about sharing universal principles, transforming state-of-the-art teachings and my own life experiences with audiences, in my lectures and seminars and with my clients through my coaching. Testimonials show how my  teachings empower audiences, students, and clients as they are able discover that they too have the power within to take their lives to higher levels of success. I assist people in awakening their inner power to embrace their greatness.

My successful teachings are based on my ability to put into practice what I have learned from my own transformational experiences and from years of committed studies with the best mentors in the area of personal development  I have the ability to combine my vast professional experience with a loving heart and the results are satisfied customers and personal joy.



“Walking with GOD has completed transformed my life. You gave me the tools to shift a paradigm that has been running all my life and a particular paradigm that has been running the last 5 years.

Last week I came face to face with the circumstance I had feared the most. I shifted the paradigm in my own mind by refusing to believe any lies about myself, refusing to gossip about myself, forgiving the people who had hurt me in the past and forgiving myself for not knowing how to respond in the past. I knew the truth of who I was. I knew that all I had to do was just be me and all would be well.

I had the chance to face the situation again, but coming from the new space of self-love and acceptance and walking with GOD.  There is no more self-doubt or self-criticism.  I shifted the paradigm in my mind and I got the results I wanted. This experience has transformed my life and I will continue Walking with GOD all of my life! Love to you and GOD bless you, I feel so much gratitude to you.” 

Kelley Chappell, PhD

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