7 Ways to Become the Best Possible Version of Yourself

“There are two ways to live life. One is as a victim, blaming others. The second is as a victor, becoming a master of yourself.”

To become the best possible version of yourself it is important to examine your life and be willing to change those aspects of your personality that might be blocking your self-growth. As you do this with a sense of self-compassion and eagerness, you will feel empowered to take action and then you will start witnessing the positive results of your actions. This is what taking responsibility is all about. It is not about feeling guilty, or criticizing yourself, or feeling ashamed. It is about loving yourself to the point that you want to let go of anything that blocks you from becoming the best version of yourself.

As you take responsibility for every aspect of your life, you let go of the temptation to live life as a victim. You learn to change yourself instead of trying to change the people and circumstances around you. Your positive attitude will make you stronger and more prepared to face anything life throws at you.

Here are some 7 ways to become the best possible version of yourself:

  • Celebrate what you have already accomplished in your life and continue to strengthen the positive aspects of your personality.
  • Be willing to be honest as you look at your life and see the areas where you might be blaming others, or playing victim. Remember it is an invitation to see your part in it so you can work on that aspect of your personality. Write down the steps you are going to take to change your behavior. It could be forgiveness, or acceptance, or setting up boundaries, or more love and compassion. Start working on changing one behavior at a time.
  • Use affirmations to turn any negative thoughts into positive. Remember that your thoughts are creating your reality. Make sure they are positive.
  • Let go of criticism either of yourself or others. This is how you open your heart to love.
  • Identify with the higher aspects of yourself. Your Soul is already the best version of yourself, waiting for you to recognize and awaken in you the love, peace and joy that are your soul’s qualities. Every day, strive to move in the direction of your Soul’s essence.
  • Recognize that any challenges in your life are for your own benefit. They test you to see how you are either responding with peace and love to them, or reacting with blame, anger, fear, or doubt. To become the best possible version of yourself it is crucial that you learn to respond to your life experiences with an even mind and a loving heart.
  • Use empowering practices that help you on your journey to becoming the best possible version of yourself: Meditation, praying, good reading, uplifting videos, keeping good company, walking in nature, listening to music that expands your consciousness, allowing a coach to support you, using affirmations, and living in gratitude.

In divine friendship,

Gloria Ramirez
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Journey of Self-Love

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“I find that when we really love and accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in life works.” – Louise Hay

For many years I struggled with self-doubt, insecurity, guilt, self-criticism, and feeling that I was not good enough. In summary, I was lacking self-love, I was at war with myself. I did not know, at the time, that I needed to learn to love and accept myself. Only when I finally understood this, everything in my life started to change, including my ability to love and accept others.

The first step was admitting that was in a vicious circle and I needed help. The thoughts that created the insanity in my life were not helping and I needed someone outside my mind to help me. This is when I decided to find a mentor and when I started to take self-growth classes. This decision transformed my life forever. It has been a beautiful journey of self-love, to the point that years later I wrote the book “Uncover Your Glorious Being”. I realized that I was not all the shortcomings that I had believed about myself and instead my essence was pure love.

Because the transformation that took place in my life was so remarkable, I continuously look for ways to support others to find the place within themselves where they know their own Self-worth. This week I start a new class series that will guide each participant to embark on a Journey of Self-Love. This will be truly a course that has the   potential to change the lives of participants forever. Click here to register and to learn more.

Every aspect of my life has been transformed as a result of loving and accepting myself, including relationships, work, success, prosperity, health, and my connection with God. I also feel more at peace with myself and the people around me. I also learned to be more accepting of others, to have more compassion, more understanding and humility, and deeper faith.

How do you travel the Journey of Self-Love?

1. Feel your emotions. If you feel sad, confused, angry, give yourself permission to feel your emotions. Face them with love and compassion and they will dissolve. Cry if you choose to cry, or write how you are feeling or call a confidant and let her/him know how you are feeling. Feeling your feelings is the best therapy because you respect what is coming up for you, deal with it as soon as you can with love and compassion and then let it go.

2. Let go of self-criticism. Be willing to forgive yourself for past mistakes and make the commitment to make the right choices that will move you in the direction of your highest potential.

2. Clear any resentments. Be willing to let go of the past and start the Journey of Self-Love

3. Access your Child Within. We all have an inner-child, who in many ways calls us, for us to heal the wounds of the past. Connect with love and compassion and feel the transformation.

4. Meditate: Take time every day to be in silence.

5. Be in Gratitude: In the morning Give thanks in advance for the wonderful day ahead of you. Before you go to sleep go over what happened during your day and give thanks for each situation, especially challenging ones, because they were an opportunity for you to grow. When you are in gratitude you are in prayer.

6. Keep centering your energy on the truth, your divine light.

7. Above all, have fun, play and enjoy your Journey of Self-Love

8. Give yourself the gift of participating in the 8-week class serieJourney of Self-LoveClick here to register

Affirm: I love and accept myself exactly as I am

Gift: Listen to this inspiring message: Love Yourself with the Decisions You Make Every Day

Divine Blessings,
Gloria Ramirez

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Loosing a Habit and Gaining a Good Habit

“Even if you were to flee to the jungle, your old habits would be with you still. You can’t run away from them, so you may as well strive to overcome them. Clear out the jungle of your wrong habits. Then you will be free.” – P. Yogananda

How many times have you criticized yourself for having a habit that you are not happy with? Probably many times. The secret to letting go of negative habits is learning to replace them with good habits. Putting yourself down or criticizing yourself only increases the frustration, guilt and gives power to the old habit. Focusing on the solution by replacing the old habit with a new one is the way out and will bring you good results.

Each one of us has areas of our lives that we can improve by gaining good new habits. It is important to realize that the negative habits we have are the result of the conditioning from childhood and society and in many cases, there are so engrained in us that we do not even realize they are there. For example, family members treating each other with disrespect or abusive behavior by using language that is accusatory, demeaning, and even threatening. They might also show passive aggressive behaviors as not talking to each other for days or months. In many cases, there is anger that is expressed in very hurtful ways. It is a vicious circle that many times the family members do not realize that they are in it, and that their behavior is detrimental to themselves and others. These deep-seated behaviors have been passed down from generation to generation and if we do not stop to think about how we are affecting others, they will continue to spread like a virus. We do have the responsibility to become aware on how we are either infecting or positively impacting the world with our thoughts, language and attitude.

The first step is to be honest with ourselves and to be willing to let go of negative habits and replace them with good habits. We don’t have to accomplish this overnight and instead we can do it gradually until we are free from our old behavior.

Adopting a new habit takes courage, determination and will power. Here are some tips on how to do it:

Have a plan to replace the habit. Be intentional about putting the effort to adopt new habits. For example, when you find yourself in your old habit be willing to practice the new habit right there and then. As you continue to do this, the power of repetition will help you to finally succeed.

Cultivate your will power. Try first going for small accomplishments. Gradually you will get rid of tendencies you thought you could not overcome. Develop the habit of self-examination, of watching and analyzing your thoughts and behavior. Do not ever identify with your mistakes. Instead use your will power to change your behavior.

Use the power of the word to overcome negative self–talk. Be attentive to the way you use your words to either empower yourself or put yourself down. Your words are creating your reality and will help you to adopt the new habit if you affirm it with conviction. For example: “I can change. I have the will to change. I will change!”

Feed yourself with messages that will reinforce the way you want to live. Read inspiring books or listen to motivational messages, or watch inspirational videos. These will be all good companions on your journey to gaining good habits.

Surround yourself with good company. Seek people who are a positive influence in your life. Be with people who have positive minds, who use their will power to be the best version of themselves. Associate with those who have the consciousness of the good habit you are pursuing.

Use the power of affirmations. They will help you to change what is hidden in your subconscious mind and your consciousness will shift to the good habit.

Visualize yourself succeeding. Use all your senses as you visualize yourself succeeding in gaining the new habit.

Affirm: I am committed to cultivating good habits to bring joy and peace into my life

If you feel you need support in shifting from a negative habit to an empowering one, I am available to support you with a coaching session or with a series of Life Coaching sessions. We can meet by phone, Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom. Please visit my website or reply to this email for more information and to schedule a session.

Divine Blessings,

Gloria Ramirez

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The greatest legacy anyone can leave behind

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In a recent skype meeting with members of my family, we were talking about the turmoil that is happening all over the world and one of my nieces invited each one of us to take the time to reflect on how we are treating others. She shared about the importance of being honest with ourselves and being willing to let go any prejudice we might have against anyone.

Her invitation was a door that opened for me to ask myself: What is the greatest legacy you can leave behind Gloria? And I realized that I am building my legacy every day by the way I live my life and how I treat others. It was clear to me that the greatest legacy I can leave behind is treating everyone, without exception, with love and kindness. It is my responsibility to be proactive about respecting every human life, including mine.

Now, I ask you the same question, what is the greatest legacy you can leave behind? What kind of legacy are your building with your life? Is it based in love, peace, kindness, compassion, and generosity?

By asking ourselves these questions, the answers will give us the opportunity to either continue to do the right things that we might be doing, or guide us to make better choices so we make sure that our legacy contributes to the betterment of humanity.

I think this quote says it clearly: “The greatest legacy anyone can leave behind is to positively impact the lives of others. Whenever you add value to other people’s lives, you are unknowingly leaving footprints on the sands of time that live on, even after your demise” – Emeasoba George

As I think about the ways we can leave a legacy that positively impacts the lives of others, here are some ideas that can guide us:

  • Treat everyone with dignity. It does not matter their background, or accomplishments that anyone has attained. What matters is that a human life is worth of respect.
  • Be of service. Be willing not so much to expect what others are going to do for you, and instead look for ways to help in whatever way is necessary, without any expectations.
  • Listen with a loving ear. Many times, people just want to share and express their pain and we can lend a loving ear without judgement, just to listen.
  • Be compassionate for the suffering of others. If we try to see ourselves in the situations that others are going through, instead of judging them, we will be able to allow them to feel supported and loved.
  • Be aware of your attitude. Be attentive of how you treat people, how you speak to them. Kindness will always win the hearts of people and will help them to believe in themselves.

I invite us to consciously remember that the way we conduct ourselves every day is impacting the lives of those around us. Ask yourself every day, how many hearts have I touched today? How are my actions helping others? Be intentional!
All doubt, despair and fear become insignificant, when the intention of life becomes love.” – Rumi

Affirm: My legacy is how I treat others with love, respect and kindness

Divine Blessings,

Gloria Ramirez
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Light at the End of the Tunnel

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The experience each one of us is living with the pandemia is undoubtedly bringing up so many emotions, doubts, fear sadness, confusion and uncertainty. It has been said that to see the light at the end of the tunnel we must go through periods that feel heavy, dark and even frightening. Somehow, in the process we must commit, to ourselves, to keep our heads up and be willing to work on the growth opportunities that experiences like these can bring into our lives.

I have heard amazing stories of parents who now are able to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with their children, which before was only a dream. Others share how they have decided to forgive and to call the brother or someone whom they had not talked for years. Or the creativity of children and parents inventing games and ways to enjoy their time together. Many also share that they can hear the singing of the birds, which was absent before. And the so many projects that have been rescued from the attic and have become alive and an incentive to complete.

As we reflect on how this experience has changed us as people, as a race, we can definitely come up with a list of positive traits that undoubtedly will change our lives forever.

I invite you to go through the list below, and reflect on how you have been able to deepen your expression of these qualities and how your life is better as a result of it. Write down your discoveries:

  • Love: Opening your heart to care more for others
  • Patience: Learning to wait for the right moment
  • Acceptance: Accepting what is, while still doing your best
  • Living in the now: Enjoying the present moment as all there is for now
  • Silence: Being comfortable and at peace with stillness and silence
  • Connection: Having the opportunity to connect with others at a deeper level
  • Creativity: Having to come up with ideas to reinvent a new way of living and to connect with others
  • Compassion: Feeling the pain of others and doing what is in your ability to help
  • Brotherhood: Remembering that you are part of one human race going through this together, in harmony
  • Hope: Knowing that the storm will pass and there will be a clear sky
  • Faith: Trusting a Higher Power to guide and support you
  • Discipline: Being steadfast about your determination to have a positive attitude
  • Perseverance: Knowing that together we will overcome these turbulent times
  • Spiritual consciousness: Seizing the opportunity to deepen your relationship with a Higher Power, something higher than us
  • Responsibility: Continue to do what is right for you and for all
  • Courage: Determination to face each day with the spirit of a warrior
  • Gratitude: Having the willingness to count your blessing despite of what is happening in your life

Do you feel that you have gained some degree of positive advancement in any of these areas during these challenging times? I feel that we, as a human race, have demonstrated great endurance and perseverance. Lets together look forward to witnessing the light appearing at the end of the tunnel soon.

Affirm: I am grateful for the growth opportunities that life brings me each day

Divine Blessings,

Gloria Ramirez
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5 Ways to Focus on the Solution

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There is a proverb that says that “after the storm comes calm.” This is what our hearts have been yearning for, an end to the suffering and uncertainty in our lives.

Deep inside of us we know, from previous experiences, that after the storm passes we should be able to see the light. Somehow, we have to gather the courage to stay positive and believe that individually and collectively we will be able to come to the other side stronger and more connected as a human family.

In talking to people about their experience with the pandemic, I am pleasantly surprised with their positive attitudes. Some have shared with me how they are enjoying quality time with their families, playing music, or games, or reading together. It seems like the creativity of people surfaces when there is a pressing need. Others tell me that they have been able to clean the house or finish projects that they didn’t have time before, to complete, and to do so many other things that were waiting for them to have the time to do them. My own sister shared that she dances for half an hour every day, calls 5 people to see how they are doing, prays for 2 to 3 hours each day, and makes sure to maintain a positive attitude throughout each day. What I have noticed, from these conversations, is a willingness from people, to have a good attitude, and to face this very difficult time with strength and courage.

In moving forward to rebuild our lives, it is important to help ourselves and have a mindset that focus on creating solutions to what lies ahead of us. Here are some suggestions that can help you to rebuild your life:

  1. Believe that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Even though we might feel that we are in the middle of a dark tunnel because of our life circumstances, we must believe that better times will come and our job is to remain positive.
  2. Focus on helping others. Whether it is financial help or moral support or with our prayers, we can always contribute to the well-being of our human family
  3. Be courageous. Be willing to have the attitude of a worrier, knowing that you have the power within to overcome any storms life throws at you.
  4. Have the mind of a winner. Reflect on the ways in which you have grown as a person and on the positive aspects of this experience. Count your blessings.
  5. Focus on the solutions. Be steadfast in keeping a positive attitude. Do your best to keep your mind free of worries and fear so you are able to remain calm and centered. The more committed you are about focusing on the solutions, the more clarity you will have to make decisions and choose what is best for you and your family in the days ahead.

Affirm: I have a mindset that focus on solutions

Divine Blessings,

10 ways to Remain Calm Amidst Challenging Times

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There is no doubt that what is happening all over the world is creating emotional reactions, like fear, panic and stress, that each one of us has to face individually.

I have been thinking about the ways in which I can face fear when it shows up and I came up with a list of ten that I’d like to share with you:

  1. Use the Power of Prayer. Praying for ourselves and others helps us to open our hearts and bring peace to our minds. It is also a way to surrender everything that worries us.
  2. Meditate. Taking the time to still the mind even for five minutes can really help us to release the stress and connect with calmness.
  3. Use Affirmations. Using affirmations changes our mood and shifts the energy to a positive focus. Affirmations are positive sentences in the present time. For example: I feel peace. I am serene.
  4. Use Visualizations. We can use them to focus on a positive outcome. For example, we can visualize our planet earth bathed in white light, or in a color that inspires you to bring healing to its inhabitants. I tried this today. It was a beautiful white light serving as a vaccine healing every one and cleansing  every corner on earth.
  5. Read books and watch programs that inspire a sense of peace, joy and love. They are many resources online that we can get for free. Feeding ourselves with positive messages will help our mind to stay calm and optimistic and our hearts to feel peaceful.
  6. Count your blessings. We can do this by keeping a gratitude list. For example, every day, write or think of ten things, situations, people, that you are grateful for. This practice will help us to focus our energy in positive thoughts and experiences.
  7. Stay positive. Doing our best to keep a positive attitude will help us and those around us to remain calm and clear.
  8. Reflect on Spiritual Truth. Reading from a sacred book and then reflecting on it can help us to see and feel life situations with a new more expanded perspective. For example, this verse from the bible: “For God has not given us a Spirit of fear, but of power, love and self-control.” – 2 Timothy 1-7
  9. Use the Peace and Harmony Prayer“, from Paramhamsa Yogananda. Visualize the person(s), and mentally surround them with divine light. Then, deeply pray: “Lord fill this world with peace and harmony, peace and harmony” (10 times). Afterward, visualize yourself in a divine light and pray: “Lord fill me with peace and harmony, peace and harmony”. Repeat it 3 to 5 times throughout the day.
  10. Surround yourself with positive people. It is very important to be around people who can uplift us and help us to understand the situation with an expansive consciousness and to stay positive. Also having a mentor or a coach helps us to get the support we need, to be heard and to bring clarity to our mind and peace to our heart.

Affirm: I remain calm at the center of life’s storms

Divine Blessings,

Gloria Ramirez

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Love yourself with the decisions you make every day


Have you ever asked yourself how much you love and respect yourself in the decisions you make every day?There are so many ways in which we tend to discount ourselves when we make decisions, maybe because we want to please someone by seeking their approval, or we are fearful of the consequences if we say no, or we are afraid of what they are going to think about us, or we just don’t believe in ourselves.

We discount and hurt ourselves when we don’t treat our bodies with love, or when we accept negativity in our minds, or when we don’t honor our emotions. It takes strong will power to let go of habits that can be hurting our bodies like smoking, not eating properly, not exercising. However, if we approach the change from our desire to love ourselves with the decisions we make every day, we will be more receptive.

It also takes determination to have a winning attitude and a mind that is positive. Becoming aware of our behavior and our thoughts is essential so we can decide to shift our attitude. The same idea applies to honoring our emotions. We need to take time to honor our feelings so we can be in harmony with all.

The ideal situation is to make decisions that end up benefiting everyone involved. However, there are times when we have to make decisions that someone might not approve, but deep inside we know it is best for ourselves. What do we do at a moment like that? We either end up giving up our dreams to please others, or we gather the courage to do it. What is important, obviously, is to never do anything with the intention of purposely hurting someone else. This would not be a wise decision and will create a boomerang effect that will come back to us.

Here are some ideas that can support you to love yourself with the decisions you make every day:

  • Do a self-analysis to see what areas of your life have some room for you to be more loving. For example, negative thinking, abusing the body, fear of saying “no”, fear of failure, self-judgement, people pleasing, procrastination and any detrimental behavior that may be hurting us.
  • Be authentic. Express yourself with the joy of being you. Be congruent with your thoughts, words and deeds. Be free to be yourself!
  • Believe in yourself: Trust yourself and let go of any self-doubt and self-denying behaviors. You have wonderful God given talents and abilities that make you unique. Share them.
  • Communicate with clarity and conviction. Express your truth with love and respect and be willing to accept that people may disagree with you. This does not make you wrong; it is just a different perception.
  • Give yourself permission to be happy: Happiness is a choice and it is something you have to decide to embrace. Your divine nature is bliss.
  • Ask for divine guidance: Your Higher Power is always available to guide you. Ask and it is given! Be open and receptive to the guidance than can come thru a friend, a book, a dream, meditation or your intuition.

Affirm: I make wise decisions that enhance my life every day

Divine Blessings,

Gloria Ramirez

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Seeing with the Eyes of the Soul

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Group of college students with whom we exchanged photos

I just came back from an amazing trip to South India. I went to the Kerala region to an Ayurveda resort near the capital, Trivandrum. This was my first time going to India. I was fortunate enough to follow my intuition to see India with the eyes of the soul, and as a result I had a very profound experience.

Seeing India with the eyes of the soul really meant to feel it with my heart and not to focus on the external but instead on its beautiful people. Externally there are things that can be overwhelming like the traffic, the poverty, the caste system, and many more. Every day I set up the intention to connect from my heart to their hearts and I believe this is the reason why I was able to experience the humbleness, devotion, kindness, sweetness, spirit of service, joy and deep spirituality of this extraordinary culture. I felt in love with their smiles, with the beautiful colors of their clothing, with the melody of their language and with their deep connection with God.

Very early every day, for hours at a time, you could feel their devotion in their voices singing to God in the temples, churches and mosques. The state of Kerala has a high catholic population. On the evening of December 24th, my friends and I decided to go to midnight mass. The experience was quite profound. As we were approaching St. James Church, a very large church, thousands of people were walking to the church. When we got there, the church was packed with people inside and outside. There were no chairs. Everyone was sitting on the floor, women on one side and men on the other side. Fortunately, our driver had spoken to the priest earlier that day and they had reserved a space for us with chairs, to the side of the altar. The entire experience was breathtaking. The deep devotion, the singing, the rituals, everything was so deep that I was in tears most of the time. Here, at this church I understood why India is the land of spirituality. I could see and feel their devotion so deeply that it entered my heart and transformed me.

Everywhere we go, whether it’s in our own neighborhood or abroad, we have the choice to see with the eyes of the soul or the eyes of the ego. When we see with the eyes of the soul, we connect with the aspects of people that are positive and that can help us feel our similarities and unity and we can learn a great deal from them. The soul is kind, joyful, peaceful, compassionate, understanding, patient, and sweet. When we see with the eyes of the ego, we focus on seeing what is wrong and this only brings despair and separation.

Thinking about my experience in India, I’d like to live this new year by following the qualities in people that impacted me the most during my visit to India. I’d like to invite you to experience life every day with the essence of your soul. These are some of the qualities that we can embrace at a higher level:

  1. Devotion: Being willing to go deeper in our connection with the divine within us.
  2. Humbleness: Behaving in modest or unpretentious manner. Humility embraces contentment and simplicity.
  3. Kindness: Committing to being kind to everyone regardless of race, religion, education or background.
  4. Sweetness: Expressing outwardly the sweetness of the soul.
  5. Joy: Keeping an attitude of happiness, regardless of the external circumstances. Being a smile millionaire.
  6. Spirit of service: Having an unselfish attitude to serve whenever we are needed and with the intention of making a difference.

Affirm: I am willing to embrace each life experience seeing with the eyes of the soul

Divine Blessings,

Gloria Ramirez

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The Miracle of Giving

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Recently, I was talking with my sister who lives in Bogotá, Colombia and she shared a couple of stories who reminded me of Francis of Assisi’s quote: “For it is in giving that we receive.”

The first story is about an initiative that she started many years ago to help my sister in law’s kids’ foundation, “Ayuda por Colombia”, by providing very impoverished kids and their families with food for the holidays, so they can have a decent Christmas. For this purpose, up until last year, my sister had received a yearly donation from a very generous soul. However, this year this person had to help someone in her own family and could not continue with the monetary support. My sister did not give up and asked members of my family and friends to help. Together they were able to collect the money to gift 54 families with food for the holidays. On the day the foundation celebrates Christmas with the kids and their families, each family will receive a big sack containing rice, lentils, pasta, grains, milk, oats, legumes, potatoes, and other Christmas treats. I was there for one of this special celebration and I saw parents carrying the big sack up the hill with an indescribable joy in their eyes and some of them with tears of joy. For me it was a very heartbreaking moment that will live in my heart forever.

The second story has to do with a church friend that my sister holds very dearly in her heart. This friend had called my sister to ask a favor of her. When my sister arrived at her home, she was very surprised to see how much weight her friend had lost. My sister was deeply touched by her amazing determination to help others. Despite of the fact that her friend was overcoming cancer, she found the energy to organize and wrap up Christmas gifts for 100 kids. The favor she needed from my sister was to get only 3 more pending gifts, one for a girl and two for 2 boys. Of course my sister promised to get them for her. My sister was deeply touched by this experience. In my sister words, “I don’t think I would have been able to do what my friend has done, if I had been sick. She is so virtuous.” Just imagine, she put her situation aside in order to serve. That’s the real spirit of service.

The miracle of giving is the satisfaction of what we feel inside from opening our hearts to others, especially during the holidays, so children can have a more joyous and memorable holiday.

Here are some ideas to consider some ways we can open our hearts to give:

  • Be proactive about starting and leading a project that is important to you.
  • Take the initiative to help someone who might be already working on a project.
  • Remember that if you want something, the best way to get is to give it to others. If you want love, give love. If you want friends initiate conversations with others. If you want joy, be joyful.
  • Ask God to guide you to manifest a project that fulfills your heart.
  • Be grateful for all the blessings you have received in your life.
  • Keep on giving

Affirm: I open my heart to the miracles of giving

Divine Blessings,

Gloria Ramirez

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