Freedom is a State of Mind

Written by Gloria Ramirez

Freedom sis a state of Mind (1)For many years I was convinced that I was at the mercy of external circumstances and therefore I did not feel free. I did not know that I had created my own prison through the power of my mind. I did not know that was the only one holding the key to free myself from fear, anger, doubt, resentment, guilt, insecurity and anxiety. These were very difficult years because I felt hopeless and I did not know that I had all the answers inside of me. I wasted too much energy and time complaining, judging, controlling, being fearful and angry, and playing victim. As a result, I not only affected my own life, but also affected the life of the people around me.

When the pain of living this way was overpowering, I made the decision to seek help. I worked with coaches, took seminars and read inspirational books. Little by little, my life begun to transform in amazing ways. I opened my mind and heart to my own liberation by understanding that the solutions to all the challenges in my life were inside and all I had to do is change my attitude. Someone once said “our mind is the source of liberation and bondage”

Have you ever felt trapped in a vicious circle without any hope of the despair ever ending? At that moment it feels that it is going to stay with us forever. The wonderful news is that there is a way out of the prison that we have created, most likely, unconsciously. We can liberate ourselves from the prison of our own thoughts by making the decision to choose differently moment to moment.

I invite you to examine your life today and be willing to:

  • Be free from fear. Let go. Choose trusting
  • Be free from criticism. Change the habit. Choose praising others and yourself
  • Be free from resentment. Let go of whatever blocks your heart. Choose love
  • Be free from worries. Be willing to live in the present. Choose peace
  • Be free from disappointment. Be willing to not take anything personally. Choose acceptance

Liberation means letting go of the impurities of the mind. Liberation is a choice. Be free now!

Affirm: I choose to be free now

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Written by Gloria Ramirez

How many of us have postponed our happiness waiting for some event or someone to make us happy? How many of us find it difficult to accept what is? There is a misunderstanding that if we accept circumstances as they are it means that we are giving up or not doing our part. It is totally the opposite. We are letting go of controlling to allow other doors to open. When we are too strict about our viewpoints, we might be blocking other options and saying no to life’s flow.

How many times have you felt stuck and kept going around like in a vicious circle without going anywhere? Wouldn’t it be better and easier to trust and be willing to say YES to life in all circumstances, including challenging ones? What prevent us from having a positive attitude? Could it be fear, doubt, lack of self-confidence, or lack of trust? These are all ideas created in our minds and with determination they can be released so we give room to positive ideas. It is up to us to choose not to continue dragging from the past any negative experiences but instead, to inject our life with new energy of positive expectation. What happened to us in the past does not have to become our future reality. The present time is the moment to magnetize our thoughts, language and actions in a positive way so we can then harvest in the future the fruits of what we have planted.
I invite us to say YES to life by having a positive attitude. Only when we open our minds to other possibilities, we will be able to realize that there are many options to address life’s issues. As it has been said, every challenge comes with a solution. However we have to have an open mind and humbleness to see beyond any limited conditioning.
How can we say YES to life?
  • Accept what is and allow other doors to open
  • Let go of the past and focus in the present
  • Be willing to be happy now regardless of circumstances
  • Have an open mind and be willing to review other options
  • Have confidence in your abilities 
Affirm: I say YES to life with a positive attitude
LIVING THE COURSE IN MIRACLES Study Groups are a wonderful opportunity to learn how to apply this message to each area of your life. Weekly Tele classes are on Wednesdays (English) & on Thursdays (Spanish). You are welcome to join any time.

Positive Attitude

The Light“A positive attitude depends far less on things going right outwardly than on an inner determination to be happy always.”~Swami KriyanandaIt takes great courage, commitment and effort, to have the determination to be happy no matter what is going on outwardly. It takes no effort to be happy when things are going well. However when things are not going well it takes an inner determination not to allow defeat to dictate our happiness.

I have experienced so many times the results of both sides of the spectrum: positive and negative attitude. Without exception every time I dwell on negativity when something is not going the way I want, I attract more challenges and it becomes like a never ending spiral of negative events. When I make the conscious decision to keep a positive attitude no matter what is going on around me, I always end up receiving the help, the ideas, or the solution that I need.

After so many years of learning the hard way, I am now more open, humble, wiser and willing to have the inner determination to be happy always. It is amazing how I am realizing that it is really not difficult at all because our inner nature is to be happy, and peaceful. Your life becomes more like a flow of possibilities because you align with your inner essence. It is a matter of willing to let go of the old habits or conditioning and consistently strive to have the right attitude. It is a decision to not resist the natural flow of our energy.

For me, it has become a way of living and I am clear that right attitude is a choice and it does not have to do with external circumstances. I see clearly, how the universe conspires in our favor when we keep our mind and heart open. When we feel that we are at the mercy of outside circumstances, we obstruct the energy that wants to support us with fear, doubt, jealousy, guilt and any other negative emotion. The only solution is to decide to be happy always.

My invitation is that you continue to strive to have the right attitude in everything you do. Your effort will create a magnet to attract good things to keep coming your way. This is the law of cause and effect, but you have to set it in motion with your consistent positive thoughts, language, actions and attitude.

Here are some ideas on how to have the inner determination to be happy always:

  • Keep your heart aligned with joy and peace
  • Be willing to put the effort to have the right attitude despite of what is happening outwardly
  • Expect the best
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Magnetize your life with positive thoughts, language, and actions

Affirm: I have the inner determination to be happy always!


As a LifeSuccess Consultant I have the great fortune to receive weekly training from one of the masters in the area of personal development, Bob Proctor, who, for 50 years has been helping people realize their potential. This last week he spoke about “Tending to your Mind.” I immediately felt it was important for me to share this very amazing concept with you.

Bob Proctor explains that our “Conscious Mind” is “The Gardener.” Through the power of reasoning, it accepts or rejects what it wants to put in it. Our subconscious mind is “The Garden”, which has to accept what you put in it. It does not care what you plant but it gives you what you plant.

This is where we have to understand that we become what we think about. We become what we accept in our conscious mind. What kind of thoughts are you putting in your mind? Are they positive, life affirming and empowering? Or, are you feeding yourself with negative information? The results you get in your life are the “crop” you have in the garden. Your thoughts dictate what you end up with in the garden.

This is why is so important to let go of all the weeds, or negative beliefs and attitudes. To tend to our garden means to put the daily effort to let go of the limiting conditioning, including, fear, doubt, indecision, jealousy, criticism, etc.

You have the choice to plan your garden with beautiful seeds or with weeds. Take a look at the results in your life. They will tell you what you have been planting. If you are not satisfied with the results, the good news is that you can change them. One of my favorite Bob Proctor’s quote says: “your present results are not your potential.”  Here are some ways you can make the changes to make the most of your potential:

Tend to your garden first. Become a master at entertaining only positive thoughts. This is the only way you can then help others.

Believe in your dreams. Get emotiona

lly involved with your heart’s desires and use your mind to imagine them manifested.

Change any limited conditioning. Talk to your own self-image and be serious about making the necessary changes. 

Affirm: I tend to my mind by planting positive thoughts.

Gloria Ramirez

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As a person thinks, feels, and believes, so is the condition of his or her mind, body, and circumstances.” ~ Joseph Murphy

This quote sends a clear and loud message: To think positively. The secret is to embrace this idea seriously because every thought you think is a cause and every condition is an effect.  You think positive thoughts (cause), you create positive results (effect)

Your thoughts are creating your reality. The best way to create a  lasting shifting of your paradigms is by paying attention to your habitual way of thinking and if you notice any negativity, shift it right away, to a positive thought. Joseph Murphy, the author of “The Power of your subconscious Mind, says, “never finish a negative statement. Reverse it immediately and wonders will happen in your life. He adds, “think good, and good follows. Think evil, and evil follows. You are what you think all day long.”

What is important to understand is that your habitual way of thinking came from your childhood. However, you can shift your negative childhood programming by paying attention and making the effort to renew your mind to transform your life.  Your progress will be determined by your willingness to be disciplined so you don’t accept, any longer, old negative ways of thinking.

How do you form the habit of thinking positively?

1. Monitor your emotions. They are telling you if you are sending the right vibration. It is impossible to feel happy and at the same time be thinking negatively. As you spot yourself in a negative state of mind, make the effort right away to shift it.

2. Reframe any negative stories, first in your mind and then through the spoken language. Any time you say anything negative repeat “cancel, clear” and then create an affirmation.

3. Be in a constant state of gratitude. Always see the glass half-full, looking for the positive side of each experience.

I am starting a powerful 12-week Tele Seminar series Renew Your Mind to Prosper”, which will guide you on the path to universal principles that once understood and applied, the natural consequence is a happy, harmonious, and prosperous life.

Affirm: I renew my mind to transform my life

Gloria Ramirez



“When you embrace God’s calling in your life you become the witness of miracles.”

This quote came to me as an inspiration because of all the innumerable miracles that I have witnessed as a result of the work I do as a coach and trainer to help people to maximize their full potential. Also, working with our Glorious Being Center’s project in Ghana, I have experienced the synchronicity of events every day. I feel like there is an invisible hand arranging everything for us.

One of those amazing miracles happened last year when I was at a Panera Bread getting ready for a meeting to discuss the self-sustaining housing options for the children that we are helping in Ghana, Africa. Right before the meeting started someone whom I had seen before at a networking meeting, came to me and asked if she could join our meeting.

She explained that she was supposed to meet someone but the person did not show up. I said to her you are most welcome to sit with us, but I want to warn you that by the time we finish our meeting you might have become a volunteer of our organization. She laughed and she said OK. For two hours she listened to the details of our project and was very impressed with our initiative. As she was about to get up to leave, she handed me her business card. As soon as I read I read Sabrina Fajardo, Graphic Designer, my eyes open up and I told her that we were in an immediate need for someone to help us with a trifold that we wanted to put together for our project in Ghana. She said she was happy to help and the rest is history because up to this date she is the person who, as a volunteer, takes care of all the marketing material for Glorious Being Center. We are so fortunate and feel deep gratitude to have Sabrina as part of our team. She is a genius when it comes to graphic design and we love her work. (

This is just one of the so many miracles that we have witnessed with our project in Ghana. I always say that the universe conspires in our favor to have what we want. The secret is that we have to believe in miracles and expect them. We started our project in Ghana last year and it is abolutely amazing that I will be traveling to Ghana at the end of this month. I am deeply grateful for this miracle.

I invite you to give yourself permission to open your heart to ask for what you want and to receive your miracles. It does not matter how big your desires are. Your Higher Power does not have limitations in helping you manifest your miracles. All it wants is for you to have faith.

Here are some steps on how you can open your heart to miracles:

1. Ask

Feel worthy of asking for anything you want and place “your order” with your Higher Power with determination and excitement.

2. Believe

Set up the intention in your heart that it is already yours because your Higher Power always wants to give you what you want. This is the step where you let go and let God.

3. Receive

Have a sense of expectancy and feel the joy of knowing that what you have asked for is on its way to you. Imagine how you feel as you receive it.

I’d like to share a quote that I received one day that I asked for a sign about our project in Ghana and that has served me as a reminder of the infinite possibilities that are in store for us: “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the ecology.

Affirm: I open my heart to miracles!

Gloria Ramirez


“Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world. What you see reflects your thinking. And your thinking but reflects your choice of what you want to see.”From A Course In Miracles 

I love this quote because it invites us to carefully choose the thoughts we have about our world. My experience has told me that when I choose to see my world as a friendly place instead of hostile, by the law of attraction, I attract people, places and experiences that are kind. And when I attract people whom are not so nice, it is an invitation to not become like them but instead to show them how real kindness and compassion looks like.

However, because many times there is a sense of competition and even fear that people are going to hurt you, we walk on “react or cautious mode”. The challenge with this attitude is that we close our hearts to the possibilities that can open great opportunities for us. This is when we have to instead choose to believe that people are good and that it is OK to trust.  This is when we have to remember that our thoughts are creating our reality and it is up to us to decide what kind of reality we want to create.

I invite you to consciously create your experiences by practicing these simple, yet powerful ideas:

1. See the glass full in every situation. Practice seeing the good aspects of every experience, regardless of how challenging it is. There is always a gift to be unwrapped.

2. Don’t take anything personally. Practice compassion and unconditional love and be willing to forgive. Practice humility. Choose to be happy instead of being right.

3. Be compassionate. Practice compassion especially with those that seem most hostile. They are crying out for love. See them with the “right eye”, the eyes of unconditional love.

I invite you to join me on the journey of what I call “The Global Awakening”, which is an opportunity to consciously make this a kinder world by consistently embracing others with love and compassion.

Affirm: Each day I witness acts of kindness in my world

Gloria Ramirez



Embrace Your Greatness

“There is greatness within you”, are the words of motivational speaker Les Brown that have inspired millions of people all over the world.  I have been fortunate to not only being inspired by these words over and over, but also by the countless extraordinary messages I have heard him deliver in person, radio, TV, audio, and webinars, As one of his Platinum Speakers, directly coached by him, I have being the recipient of deep personal transformation. I can certainly say that he has helped me to recognize and “EMBRACE MY GREATNESS.

Les has the ability to speak directly into your soul, and as a result real transformation takes place instantaneously. He is The Master of Public Speaking. I feel quite honored to not only be part of his Platinum Network of Speakers but also to have met so many amazing professional speakers who have had the courage to say yes to their mission. I have been profoundly touched by their messages and have witnessed greatness in every one of them. This is why I feel a great sense of gratitude, for the realization that fortunately there are many loving inspiring messengers of hope, whose mission is to bring change into our world and who are doing it very successfully.

Les has thought me the power of being humble. He always says that he has not yet delivered his best speech. This is to remind himself of how important it is to keep developing yourself so you get better and better at what you do. He has also thought me another quality of a great leader, which is accessibility. He says that the speaker should always be the same person when s/he is on stage and off stage. His way of conducting himself as a speaker and leading by example, has inspired me deeply and has shown me how to stay focused on the fact that there is a lot to learn and to keep stretching myself to embrace my greatness.

Les also demonstrates his amazing quality of connecting with people heart to heart. He treats people with great respect and truly sees greatness in them. He is always hugging people and connecting with love and compassion. He is quite genuine and approachable. In many occasions he has made positive comments about my smile and in some instances when my smile was not there, he noticed it and encouraged me to make sure I smile while I deliver a speech.

He says, “That’s your connection with the audience.”

I have deep gratitude for all I have learned and received from Les Brown and from every one of his Platinum Speakers. We are a family guided by the inspiration and mastery of a great leader. I have been transformed because of Les Brown’s decision to embrace his own greatness.

Turning now my attention to you, my question is, are you embracing your gifts? Do you see yourself as a winner? Are you embracing your present circumstances with certainty that you have within the answers to overcome any challenges? Are you being a Victor? Are you being grateful for what you have? Are you demonstrating your power of choice by giving the world the gift of your gifts and talents and therefore living your dreams? Are YOU EMBRACING YOUR GREATNESS? The answers to these questions will help you to take an honest inventory of yourself and make any necessary changes.

Life is easier when we make the decision to embrace our gifts and talents because this is when we are in alignment with the reason why we came to earth. The steps below help me every day to consciously do it.  I invite you to consider using them to help you embrace your greatness:

  • Let go of Limiting Paradigms: Make the commitment to surrender all limiting beliefs and habits and to replacing them with empowering ones. Some ways to do this is to take time to meditate, to journal about your feelings, or hire a coach. Consciously open your heart to your good
  • Be Vigilant of your Thoughts, Words and Actions: Make sure to entertain only thoughts, language and actions that are self-empowering. Use affirmations like “I embrace my Greatness. “
  • Visualize yourself already as a winner: Exercise the mussel of imagination. Imagine yourself already being, doing or having what you desire. Remember that reality is what you visualize.
  • Trust in the benevolence of the Universe: There is an invisible power that wants you to be, do and have anything you desire. Align with this power by taking time every day to meditate and be in silence so you can hear and feel its guidance.

In the words of Les Brown, “develop a vision of your greatest self that you pursue wholeheartedly with and unstoppable spirit.”

Gloria Ramirez


Giving is WinningRecently I was thinking how fortunate I am that I had an Angel in my life who planted seeds of love for humanity when I was only a small child. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for my oldest sister Maria Angela who became my mother after I lost my birth mother when I was only 6 years old. She did not live with us because she was married and had her own family. However she was always attentive to our needs and was an extraordinary role model.

On weekends she would take my siblings and me to the park or to an ice cream parlor. In many occasions when we went shopping she would either buy food for poor children or go into a store with them to buy them shoes or clothes. I saw her doing this many times. I know that she planted a seed in my heart and it is amazing how I am now involved with the project in Ghana to build a self-sustainable home for 100 orphaned children. She thought me the power of love, compassion, generosity and caring for others.

I not only witnessed how my sister helped people on the streets, she was also very well known for her benevolent work with people she worked with. She had an executive position and throughout the years, she empowered and supported hundreds of people who worked under her leadership to get their college education, maybe a new home, a new promotion and more out of life. She inspired them to do better and to excel. They listened to her because they knew she really cared. Another seed was planted in my heart, to care for people from all economical backgrounds.

I have witnessed innumerable miracles as a result of my sister’s spirit of giving. Giving is wining. You definitely win when you give. Her life has been highly blessed. Her family and the people in her life have been touched by her love, generosity and kindness. The seeds that she planted in my heart arenow impacting the children from another continent, Africa. This is true winning!

I invite you to give without attachment, generously and joyously and get ready to witness the flow of abundant blessings coming into your life. Enjoy your giving!

Affirmation: I give generously and joyously

Gloria Ramirez


ASK AND IT IS GIVENRecently I was reflecting over the meaning of this powerful truth and I realized that it does not place any restrictions on how much we can ask for, neither it requires that we know how it is going to be given to us.

The asking is up to us and the being given is up to our giver, our Creator. This is such a simple principle, and at the same time, a powerful promise. It is so simple that it is easy to tend to not believe that it is possible to ask for anything we desire and to be able to receive it. This is where we have an invitation to increase our faith, the required quality to manifest anything we want.“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. “Hebrews 11:1

“It’s given” is an invitation to let go and let God handle the “How” it is going to happen. As we make a decision about what we want and place the order with the Universe, our Creator rushes to fulfill it according to our faith. This is why is so important to remember that the only restrictions are those that are imposed by ourselves in our mind.

Ask and it’s given is an invitation to believe that you can have anything you want to be, do or have and it is up to you to let go of the doubt and trust. Decree what you want to manifest in your life through the power of:

Your Thoughts. Positive thoughts produce positive results. Mentally affirm your desires like they are already a reality.

Your Words. Speak only words that are going to bring about the manifestation of your dreams. Proverbs 18:21 says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

Your Feelings. Align yourself with your heart’s desires by assuming the feeling of your wish already fulfilled.

I invite you to give yourself the gift to go for your dreams small or big, knowing that anything you ask in faith is always answered.

Affirm: I ask in faith and it’s given abundantly  

Gloria Ramirez

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