How to Stay Focused

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Focusing our energy is vital to accomplishing anything we want in life. This requires discipline and will power to keep redirecting our efforts to accomplish the task at hand. How many times have you started a project and then you got distracted with something else and then days, months or even years later, you realized that you never finished your project? It’s occupying space in you mind until you give it your full attention and bring it to fruition.

This is why it is so important that when we start a project or have a goal in mind, we must be willing to put the necessary effort to complete it. We must have a resolute attitude that if we do our part, there is an invisible power that is going to help us push it forward. There is a big difference between wishing for something to happen and putting the effort and being determined to succeed.

One of the practices that help me to stay focused is to have a plan for every day. This helps me to be organized and to dedicate a specific amount of time for each project so I move the energy forward. Another practice that helps me is to overcome distractions buy turning down temptations that could deviate me from my plan. I remind myself how important it is to be steadfast so I am able to accomplish my goal.

Here are some good practices that can help you stay focused:

  • Have a daily plan of action to carry out your project or goal and be faithful until you complete it.
  • Do your best to stay focused. Avoid distractions and if they show up, continue to be faithful to your plan.
  • Visualize your project already completed and how it is going to benefit you and others.
  • Celebrate once you complete each project. It is important to take the time to reflect on your accomplishments and even think about what good practices you used to be successful, so you keep using them for future projects. You can also reflect on what you could have done better so you can improve your focus.

Remember that where your attention goes, your energy goes. Staying focused generates the energy necessary to move your projects forward and to complete them.

Affirm: “As I focus my energy to accomplish my goals, I experience success”

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Developing the Virtue of Patience

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“Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is “timing” it waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way.” ~ Fulton J. Sheen

Why is patience so important?

  • It gives us the ability to remain calm no matter what is going on around us
  • It helps us to think with a clear mind
  • It helps us to make wiser decisions
  • It keeps us centered in what is important
  • It helps us to be more sensitive to the needs of others
  • It helps us to stay joyful
  • It keeps us in the moment
  • It helps us to develop a positive attitude

If we think about it, the benefits of developing the virtue of patience are innumerable. It is therefore, for our benefit, that we must find ways to develop this quality. The challenge is that the demand for instant results, or instant gratification is in every corner of our lives: Retailers are jumping into same-day delivery services. Smartphone apps eliminate the wait for a cab, a date, or a table at a hot restaurant. Movies and TV shows begin streaming in seconds. Unfortunately instant gratification comes at a price: It’s making us less patient.

Deep inside of us what we are seeking is happiness and we keep looking for material things to fulfill that void. Anything external is going to give us only temporary happiness. The only way to find permanent happiness is by going inward where joy resides. We must develop the quality of patience to move in the right direction.

The best way to develop patience is to pay attention. Become aware of your thoughts, language and behavior and when you see them moving in the opposite direction, be willing to make the change. Gradually as you take the steps to master patience, you will see a change in yourself and this will give you the motivation to continue making the effort.

Affirm: “As I develop the quality of patience, I gain power over my life.”

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Mastering Relationships

Written by Gloria Ramirez
Most of us are conditioned from early age to look outside ourselves for happiness. I spent many years of my life trying to control others so I would get what I wanted, so I would be happy. Only after so many years of ups and downs, I have come to realize that when I go inward to awaken the joy that is already within, I do not have to demand or impose on anyone to make me happy. I just have to go inward. Doing this has made a huge difference in the quality of my relationships. I shifted my behavior from feeling that I was a victim to taking full responsibility for how my relationships were showing up in my life. Basically I have learned not to expect people to behave one way or another, but instead, to accept them exactly as they are.
This has been one of the most transforming experiences of my life. I have been able to understand that when there is an issue that shows up in any of my relationships, it is not about the other person. It is always an invitation for me to go inward and ask myself, how can I shift this situation? The answers that I receive include acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, respect, setting up boundaries, and trusting, among many others.
I have come to realize that relationships are the biggest channels to share the love that resides within us. The more I focus on giving, on being loving, kind, compassionate and accepting of others and myself, the more I am really giving to myself and the happier I feel.
To master relationships here are a few ideas that you can consider:
  • Go inward. Instead of taking things personally, blaming others, or playing victim, ask yourself, what is one aspect of me that I can change?
  • Awaken the happiness that resides in you. Empower yourself by realizing that within yourself you have the power to bring joy and peace into your life.
  • Share with others the true nature of your soul: Love. Demonstrate it through joy, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, support and gratitude.
  • Accept others as they are. Be willing to let go of the temptation to judge and instead look for the good in others.
  • Live in the moment. Enjoy each moment as if it was the last moment of your life. Smile often!
Affirm: I master my relationships through the power of love

Embracing the Moment

Written by Gloria Ramirez The ButtesI recently went on a camping and hiking trip with a couple of friends to a beautiful area in California called The Sierra Buttes. The morning of our trip we packed our car with our camping gear and drove to our destination, just two hours from home. When we got there we decided to go hiking first and find our camping site later because we knew it was going to take us some time to climb about 1,800 feet to an elevation of about 9,000 feet.

The experience was amazing. We were laughing and enjoying each moment with a sense of wonder and a great expectation to see what awaited us once we got there. When got to the top of the mountain, there was an outlook area that is only accessed by a pretty sketchy set of staircases. My legs were shaking as I went up each stair. The experience was exhilarating and fun and I made up my mind to make it to the top. The reward was priceless. The view was spectacular.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could live each moment of our lives with a sense of positive expectation, wonder and joy? What prevents us from living this way consistently? Maybe past conditioning, fear, or doubt? The good news is that we can always overcome all those blocks and decide to live life fully every day.

Image 72We enjoyed our time at the top of the mountain while we had lunch and experienced nature in remarkable ways. We saw the beautiful vegetation, a brown rattlesnake and the cutest chipmunk.

On our way back we enjoyed the trail and the gorgeous views of the mountain and the lakes around. Once we were back in our car we headed toward our camping site but then we remembered that we wanted to get marshmallows for the campfire  we were going to build later,  so went to a store/restaurant nearby. When we arrived there we decided to have something to eat. Finally, a little bit after 5pm, we were ready to drive to the camping site, only to find out that it was full. We checked other sites nearby and there was not any space available. We realized that without knowing we had chosen to go camping on a long busy holiday weekend.

Without any hesitation from any of us, or feeling bad, we just accepted the circumstances and begun to head back home. We were laughing about our camping preparation (to enjoy a comfortable night) and how our day ended joyfully even though we did not camp as planned. We made plans for an afternoon in the near future to go to a nearby park to make our marshmallow smores. Each of us were at peace and actually laughing about the experience. We were not attached to the outcome but only to having fun that day and embracing each moment with joy.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could let go of our attachments to the outcome of our experiences and always make a commitment to have fun? What restricts us from doing it? Could it be the need to control, or fear of the unknown, or past experiences? The good news is that it is possible to train ourselves to embrace adventure, to have fun no matter what the circumstances are, to not take ourselves so seriously, and to enjoy each moment as it comes.

Affirmation: I embrace each moment with joy

Gloria Ramirez

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How to Live Joyfully

Written by Gloria Ramirez

Joy 2“Joy does not simply happen. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day” ~ Henry J. M. Nouwen

It is so true that we have to be conscious participants and consistently choose joy every day. Joy does not happen without us understanding that we have to make the decision moment to moment to embrace it. For us to be able to do this, it is important to be clear on the ways in which we block our joy, many times not even aware that we are doing it. We do it when we complain, blame others, judge, feel guilty, resent others, live in fear, do not express gratitude for our blessings or simply are not kind and compassionate.

As we decide to eliminate any barriers to love, to open our hearts to let go of behaviors or beliefs that block our joy, we are able to feel the difference and live more in our true center, which is joy. This is real success!


To help you to embrace more joy in your life, I invite you to consider doing this self introspection exercise.

Ask yourself:

  1. Which 3 habits are blocking me from joy?
  2. Select one of these 3 habits and ask yourself: What is keeping me repeating this behavior or having this thought?
  3. Which positive habit can I adapt to replace the negative habit?
  4. Which 3 things can I do to reinforce the positive habit?
  5. Which affirmation can I use to help me change this habit?

For example:
Choose a habit you want to shift: Complaining
New habit you want to adapt: The opposite of complaining is praising or embracing yourself and others.

3 things to do to reinforce new habit:

  1. Speak to praise, to edify
  2. Express gratitude (keeps you from negativity)
  3. Practice self acceptance and acceptance of others

Affirm: I embrace everyone and every situation with joy

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Freedom is a State of Mind

Written by Gloria Ramirez

Freedom sis a state of Mind (1)For many years I was convinced that I was at the mercy of external circumstances and therefore I did not feel free. I did not know that I had created my own prison through the power of my mind. I did not know that was the only one holding the key to free myself from fear, anger, doubt, resentment, guilt, insecurity and anxiety. These were very difficult years because I felt hopeless and I did not know that I had all the answers inside of me. I wasted too much energy and time complaining, judging, controlling, being fearful and angry, and playing victim. As a result, I not only affected my own life, but also affected the life of the people around me.

When the pain of living this way was overpowering, I made the decision to seek help. I worked with coaches, took seminars and read inspirational books. Little by little, my life begun to transform in amazing ways. I opened my mind and heart to my own liberation by understanding that the solutions to all the challenges in my life were inside and all I had to do is change my attitude. Someone once said “our mind is the source of liberation and bondage”

Have you ever felt trapped in a vicious circle without any hope of the despair ever ending? At that moment it feels that it is going to stay with us forever. The wonderful news is that there is a way out of the prison that we have created, most likely, unconsciously. We can liberate ourselves from the prison of our own thoughts by making the decision to choose differently moment to moment.

I invite you to examine your life today and be willing to:

  • Be free from fear. Let go. Choose trusting
  • Be free from criticism. Change the habit. Choose praising others and yourself
  • Be free from resentment. Let go of whatever blocks your heart. Choose love
  • Be free from worries. Be willing to live in the present. Choose peace
  • Be free from disappointment. Be willing to not take anything personally. Choose acceptance

Liberation means letting go of the impurities of the mind. Liberation is a choice. Be free now!

Affirm: I choose to be free now

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Written by Gloria Ramirez

How many of us have postponed our happiness waiting for some event or someone to make us happy? How many of us find it difficult to accept what is? There is a misunderstanding that if we accept circumstances as they are it means that we are giving up or not doing our part. It is totally the opposite. We are letting go of controlling to allow other doors to open. When we are too strict about our viewpoints, we might be blocking other options and saying no to life’s flow.

How many times have you felt stuck and kept going around like in a vicious circle without going anywhere? Wouldn’t it be better and easier to trust and be willing to say YES to life in all circumstances, including challenging ones? What prevent us from having a positive attitude? Could it be fear, doubt, lack of self-confidence, or lack of trust? These are all ideas created in our minds and with determination they can be released so we give room to positive ideas. It is up to us to choose not to continue dragging from the past any negative experiences but instead, to inject our life with new energy of positive expectation. What happened to us in the past does not have to become our future reality. The present time is the moment to magnetize our thoughts, language and actions in a positive way so we can then harvest in the future the fruits of what we have planted.
I invite us to say YES to life by having a positive attitude. Only when we open our minds to other possibilities, we will be able to realize that there are many options to address life’s issues. As it has been said, every challenge comes with a solution. However we have to have an open mind and humbleness to see beyond any limited conditioning.
How can we say YES to life?
  • Accept what is and allow other doors to open
  • Let go of the past and focus in the present
  • Be willing to be happy now regardless of circumstances
  • Have an open mind and be willing to review other options
  • Have confidence in your abilities 
Affirm: I say YES to life with a positive attitude
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Positive Attitude

The Light“A positive attitude depends far less on things going right outwardly than on an inner determination to be happy always.”~Swami KriyanandaIt takes great courage, commitment and effort, to have the determination to be happy no matter what is going on outwardly. It takes no effort to be happy when things are going well. However when things are not going well it takes an inner determination not to allow defeat to dictate our happiness.

I have experienced so many times the results of both sides of the spectrum: positive and negative attitude. Without exception every time I dwell on negativity when something is not going the way I want, I attract more challenges and it becomes like a never ending spiral of negative events. When I make the conscious decision to keep a positive attitude no matter what is going on around me, I always end up receiving the help, the ideas, or the solution that I need.

After so many years of learning the hard way, I am now more open, humble, wiser and willing to have the inner determination to be happy always. It is amazing how I am realizing that it is really not difficult at all because our inner nature is to be happy, and peaceful. Your life becomes more like a flow of possibilities because you align with your inner essence. It is a matter of willing to let go of the old habits or conditioning and consistently strive to have the right attitude. It is a decision to not resist the natural flow of our energy.

For me, it has become a way of living and I am clear that right attitude is a choice and it does not have to do with external circumstances. I see clearly, how the universe conspires in our favor when we keep our mind and heart open. When we feel that we are at the mercy of outside circumstances, we obstruct the energy that wants to support us with fear, doubt, jealousy, guilt and any other negative emotion. The only solution is to decide to be happy always.

My invitation is that you continue to strive to have the right attitude in everything you do. Your effort will create a magnet to attract good things to keep coming your way. This is the law of cause and effect, but you have to set it in motion with your consistent positive thoughts, language, actions and attitude.

Here are some ideas on how to have the inner determination to be happy always:

  • Keep your heart aligned with joy and peace
  • Be willing to put the effort to have the right attitude despite of what is happening outwardly
  • Expect the best
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Magnetize your life with positive thoughts, language, and actions

Affirm: I have the inner determination to be happy always!


As a LifeSuccess Consultant I have the great fortune to receive weekly training from one of the masters in the area of personal development, Bob Proctor, who, for 50 years has been helping people realize their potential. This last week he spoke about “Tending to your Mind.” I immediately felt it was important for me to share this very amazing concept with you.

Bob Proctor explains that our “Conscious Mind” is “The Gardener.” Through the power of reasoning, it accepts or rejects what it wants to put in it. Our subconscious mind is “The Garden”, which has to accept what you put in it. It does not care what you plant but it gives you what you plant.

This is where we have to understand that we become what we think about. We become what we accept in our conscious mind. What kind of thoughts are you putting in your mind? Are they positive, life affirming and empowering? Or, are you feeding yourself with negative information? The results you get in your life are the “crop” you have in the garden. Your thoughts dictate what you end up with in the garden.

This is why is so important to let go of all the weeds, or negative beliefs and attitudes. To tend to our garden means to put the daily effort to let go of the limiting conditioning, including, fear, doubt, indecision, jealousy, criticism, etc.

You have the choice to plan your garden with beautiful seeds or with weeds. Take a look at the results in your life. They will tell you what you have been planting. If you are not satisfied with the results, the good news is that you can change them. One of my favorite Bob Proctor’s quote says: “your present results are not your potential.”  Here are some ways you can make the changes to make the most of your potential:

Tend to your garden first. Become a master at entertaining only positive thoughts. This is the only way you can then help others.

Believe in your dreams. Get emotiona

lly involved with your heart’s desires and use your mind to imagine them manifested.

Change any limited conditioning. Talk to your own self-image and be serious about making the necessary changes. 

Affirm: I tend to my mind by planting positive thoughts.

Gloria Ramirez

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As a person thinks, feels, and believes, so is the condition of his or her mind, body, and circumstances.” ~ Joseph Murphy

This quote sends a clear and loud message: To think positively. The secret is to embrace this idea seriously because every thought you think is a cause and every condition is an effect.  You think positive thoughts (cause), you create positive results (effect)

Your thoughts are creating your reality. The best way to create a  lasting shifting of your paradigms is by paying attention to your habitual way of thinking and if you notice any negativity, shift it right away, to a positive thought. Joseph Murphy, the author of “The Power of your subconscious Mind, says, “never finish a negative statement. Reverse it immediately and wonders will happen in your life. He adds, “think good, and good follows. Think evil, and evil follows. You are what you think all day long.”

What is important to understand is that your habitual way of thinking came from your childhood. However, you can shift your negative childhood programming by paying attention and making the effort to renew your mind to transform your life.  Your progress will be determined by your willingness to be disciplined so you don’t accept, any longer, old negative ways of thinking.

How do you form the habit of thinking positively?

1. Monitor your emotions. They are telling you if you are sending the right vibration. It is impossible to feel happy and at the same time be thinking negatively. As you spot yourself in a negative state of mind, make the effort right away to shift it.

2. Reframe any negative stories, first in your mind and then through the spoken language. Any time you say anything negative repeat “cancel, clear” and then create an affirmation.

3. Be in a constant state of gratitude. Always see the glass half-full, looking for the positive side of each experience.

I am starting a powerful 12-week Tele Seminar series Renew Your Mind to Prosper”, which will guide you on the path to universal principles that once understood and applied, the natural consequence is a happy, harmonious, and prosperous life.

Affirm: I renew my mind to transform my life

Gloria Ramirez

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