Coaching Services

Here’s a quick overview of our most popular services:

  • Individual Coaching – Gives you the opportunity to focus on any issue in your life that is of most importance to you
  • Corporate Coaching  – Focuses on working with tailored programs that will create results that will affect the bottom line
  • Couples Coaching – A powerful resource to have a professional who is neutral help you in reestablishing the balance in your relationship.
  • Family Coaching – Is the most powerful method to involve all the members in a join effort to create harmonious results.
  • Emotional Coaching – empowers you as you clear wounds from the past by healing them from the root.
  • Spiritual Coaching – Spiritual healing is the touch of the Spirit of God in us, and when it touches us, it awakens us to a new dimension of life.
  • The 12-Step Coaching Program This is the most amazing, results-proven program you will ever experience.

Coaching Policy

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“Gloria is truly a gifted healer. Her work has helped me to fully live my life’s vision.” ~ Johnny Reagan, Founder, Vision:Miami

Thank you for your encouragement and support. I am amazed on the transformation this work with you is bringing into my life. All the pain, shame, victimization is being transmuted into self-acceptance, under your guidance and non-judgmental coaching. You are EXTRAORDINARY!!!! Last session brought me an experience of freedom beyond measure.” ~ Regina Foley, psychotherapist


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