How to Attract Prosperity

Unlock the Hidden Secrets of True Abundance

to attract material and spiritual success


14-week Online Class series
Each class is recorded

Thursdays @ 5 pm EST ~ 8 pm PST



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This program offers simple but powerful techniques for attracting material and spiritual success. Based on the book “Money Magnetism” by Donald Walters, it is a practical, easy-to-understand guide, sure to produce results. Filled with fresh, new insights about how to attract true wealth, this program goes far beyond the scope of other programs. Each of the principles that will be presented, can not only be used for wealth building, but also to help you attract whatever you need in life, when you need it.

“How to Attract Prosperity” will guide you to discover how to create wealth, use money wisely, and find true fulfillment. Part One of this program presents a set of principles that, step by step, transforms your consciousness about the moneymaking process. Part Two outlines simple and effective techniques of concentration and affirmation for attracting success.

I have taken many classes but this has been by far the best.  Gloria is a gift to all of us.  I truly feel the reason for her success is the impeccable life that she lives and her devotion to God.  Her classes were most interesting, informative and she was very thorough in following the program outline.  We had weekly assignments that were well thought out to enhance our learning experience.
I highly recommend Gloria to anyone who is looking for life transformation. ” ~ Carolyn, Danville, CA

About the Author of “Money Magnetism”

In 1948 at the age of twenty-two, Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters) became a disciple of the Indian yoga master, Paramhansa Yogananda. At Yogananda’s request, Swami Kriyananda devoted his life to lecturing and writing, helping others to experience the living presence of God within. He taught on four continents in seven languages over the course of 65 years.

His talks, his music, and his many books have touched the lives of millions. Swami Kriyananda took the ancient teachings of Raja Yoga and made them practical and immediately useful for people in every walk of life. His books and teachings on spiritualizing nearly every field of human endeavor include business life, leadership, education, the arts, community, and science.

You will learn how to:

  • Find true wealth
  • Magnetize opportunities
  • Be “solution Oriented”
  • Focus Your Inner Power
  • Avoid poverty consciousness
  • Set expansive, yet attainable goals
  • Attract everything that you really want
  • Use money to promote spiritual growth

The class series includes these topics:

  1. What is True Wealth?
  2. Seek Security Within Yourself First
  3. Don’t Limit Your Demands
  4. You are Part of a Greater Reality
  5. You are Part of an Intelligent Reality
  6. How Much Wealth is Available?
  7. To Live Wisely, Give
  8. The Value of Tithing
  9. How Earning Money Can Promote Spiritual Growth
  10. The Need for Concentration
  11. How to Develop Concentration
  12. That Tricky Subconscious
  13. The Power of Affirmation
  14. Be Practical in Your Idealism


About the Teacher Gloria Ramirez

Join Gloria Ramírez in this life-altering program. Gloria is a professional with vast experience in all aspects of marketing. Gloria worked in managerial positions with several corporations, including the television network North America NBC, as director of online marketing.

Gloria has had a very successful career dedicated to motivating people to realize their inner potential and does so through classes, seminars, and consulting. Her education includes a degree in Economics and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Gloria is the author of the book “Discover your Glorious Being.”

In addition to simple and powerful prosperity practices, Gloria will share with you practical ideas on how to implement the teachings presented in this program.

“This has been a deeply life transforming series that challenged me intellectually in ways like never before.  Outside the box thinking and strategies that are brilliant that can be easily learned and incorporated into everyday life and business. Gloria your teaching abilities get better with every class, your insight and interpretations of these powerful strategies and examples allow us to better absorb these invaluable insights.  You are a truly gifted teacher and spiritual leader who so eloquently teaches with sincerity and a deeply rooted conviction that is truly inspiring. My life will never be the same and I look forward to being a student for a very long time…you add so much value to my life, to my family and relationships. We are so profusely grateful of your gifts.”

Monique Giliberti, Florida

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