How to Be a Success



Achieve the Highest Success with
Material and Spiritual Efficiency

Thursdays, weekly

5 to 6:30 pm PST – 8 to 9:30 EST


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Five Steps to Achieving Greater Material & Spiritual Success


“How to Be a Success” course is based on the teachings of one of the leading spiritual teachers of the modern era, Paramhansa Yogananda. He helps seekers to find the meaning of their life, develop good habits, make the most of one’s time, and explains the attributes of success.

Is there a power that can reveal hidden veins of riches and uncover treasures of which we never dreamed? Is there a force that we can call upon to give success, health, happiness, and spiritual enlightenment? The saints and sages of India taught that there is such a power. This program  is for anyone whose mind is open to spiritual solutions.

In “How to Be a Success”, Yogananda clearly relates success in business with that found in a spiritual connection with God, citing that positive intentions, reliability, honesty, loyalty, and the like, are elemental qualities for long-term success in business.

Additionally, he explains that as children of God, we are one with God; therefore, everything that God has, we too possess. Consequently, prosperity and abundance should be ours to have, although connection with God is the primary route–along with will–for creating that superabundance.

In addition to Yogananda’s discussion on God’s role in prosperity, also prominent are the topics of how to select a business associate, how to behave with one’s employer, and what is the value of persevering with no exceptions.

How to be a success has at least tenfold increased my relationship with God and has forged the success principle deep into my spirit.

About the Author

Hailed as the “father of Yoga in the West,” Paramhansa Yogananda is regarded as one of the great spiritual figures of our time. In 1920 he founded Self-Realization Fellowship, to disseminate his writings and teachings worldwide. Through his best-selling classic, Autobiography of a Yogi, and his numerous other books, he has introduced millions throughout the world to the spiritual principles of yoga meditation and the universal truths underlying all world religions.

What you will learn:

  1. The Attributes of Success
  2. What Is Your Aim in Life?
  3. Eliminating Habits of Failure
  4. Developing Habits of Success
  5. Tools of Success
    • Concentration
    • Will Power
    • Magnetism
  6. Success in the Workplace
    • Your Vocation
    • Finding Your Vocation
    • How to Satisfy Your Employer
    • How to Select Your Business Associates
  7. Stories of Success
  8. “Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God”

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