Spiritual Healing Circle

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Gloria’s spiritual healings are completely guided by The Holy Spirit. She will be guided to help you clear any emotional, physical or spiritual blocks.

: Thursday, December 27

TIME: 5 to 6:30 pm PST ~ 8 to 9:30 pm EST (The call will start promptly)

NUMBER TO CALL: 563-999-1045

ACCESS CODE: 781371#


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Gloria’s spiritual healings are completely guided by the Divine loving Spirit of God, The Holy Spirit. Gloria is very respectful of your own spiritual beliefs and understands that the name you call your Higher power is very personal.

Gloria is guided to help you clear any emotional, physical or spiritual blocks as she is shown them through visions, feelings or voice. Also as she receives messages, she will be sharing them with you during the healing session.

She guides you through the entire process with infinite love, gentleness and compassion. Each healing experience is life-transforming as she allows the purest essence of love to use her as a conduit to heal any challenges in your life. At the end of the healing you will feel the difference in your being, and a complete sense of unconditional love and peace.

Spiritual healing is the touch of the Spirit of God in us, and when it touches us, it awakens us to a new dimension of life. Gloria has the ability to see you as a Child of God, to connect to your Divine energy (The Angel of Light inside of you). As you open your heart to feel your Divine Presence,  you will experience  your own perfection. You will feel the touch of unconditional love in your entire being awakening you to a new level of beingness. All you have to do to have this experience is the willingness to open your heart to receive.

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