The Magic of Believing in Yourself

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You already have within you the power to create a life that is really worth living. The Magic secret is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

This CD offers proven tools to take your life to the next level of believing in your God-given talents and abilities so you express your greatness. In this life-transforming program, Gloria Ramirez takes you on a delightful journey of a greater discovery and realization of the magnificent being who you truly are. She guides you to recognize and release any limiting beliefs and empowers you to replace them with unlimited new ones.

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This program includes The Awakening Plan, which is a simple and powerful 3-step method that you can apply to any area of your life in any situation. This frees you to step into your unlimited potential, to attract your heart’s desires, and to live the life that you were meant to live, a joyous life.

This CD includes these life-enhancing topics to the Magic world of Believing in Yourself:

  • Recognizing the importance of honoring your emotions
  • Empowering yourself through loving thoughts, words and actions
  • Shifting your consciousness to positive and life-expanding beliefs.
  • Applying the 3-step Awakening Plan to manifesting an extraordinary life.

It is your birthright to live the life of your dreams. Claim it Now by Believing in Yourself!



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