Uncover Your Glorious Being Testimonials


“Uncover Your Glorious Being, Finding the Magic in You by Gloria Ramirez is my kind of book. It is an interesting story of how Gloria found her beautiful inner spirit. She also describes the things she did to help her get to this amazing place in her life where she is a light for others. She offers some wonderful tips of things to do that helped her learn to change her mind set and become a more positive and loving person. By doing these things she is now able to be a light for others. She has helped me uncover my glorious being and I am so grateful for her. You will really get a lot out of this book. I am reading it again for the third time and taking in chapter by chapter what she is teaching.” ~ Shirah Penn

“This morning I have read the first two chapters. They are very moving, and I find the life wisdom you convey in them so inspiring. I look forward to turning the pages of your new book with great appreciation for our Glorious Being. Thank you for sharing yourself so candidly.” ~ Jim Aguilar

“Uncover Your Glorious Being” es un libro que relata hechos de la vida real con el propósito de impulsar e inspirar a otros a realizar cambios en su vida dirigidos hacía una felicidad y búsqueda de una vida espiritual. Con unos ejercicios muy prácticos, ejemplifica la manera en que las personas pueden hacer el cambio. Personalmente creo que es un libro maravilloso que puede generar cambios muy poderosos en la vida de las personas desde un espacio del amor. Recomiendo leer el libro ya que es una historia de la vida real y un ejemplo de superación personal.” ~ Lina Caro

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