12 Steps to Mastery

12 STEPS TO MASTERY Coaching Program is an in-depth program designed for anyone who wants to truly transform their life. This powerful personal coaching program provides proven methods on how to shift negative conditioning and how to overcome limiting beliefs or behaviors and specially, how to remove the root programming from childhood.

For 16 weeks, this experiential personal coaching series, will guide you through the magic of each step. It all starts with the surrendering of what is not working in your life at the moment. Then it will take you to embracing the possibility of opening your heart to the love of a Higher Power who can guide and support you in the process. It follows with letting go of all the pain created by the wounds of the past and to forgive yourself for the perceived mistakes of the past so you can step into your greatness. You will feel a deep sense of freedom and will feel ready to embrace and share with others the unlimited possibilities of living in alignment with your Creator. Click here to read my personal story with the 12 Steps to Mastery Coaching Program 

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“I had met with Gloria a few times and was so impressed with what I gained from our sessions, I figured it was time to take the plunge with the 12 Steps to Mastery Program. I have done A LOT of personal growth and development work and wasn’t sure how/if I would gain much from the Program. However, my experience blew me away. I released so much that I didn’t realize I was holding onto, grew my relationship with the Divine, reconnected with family, and it propelled me to view myself, the world, and life with pure love and positivity. These changes won’t just come to you, the Program is structured and like anything worth doing, there is work involved. But it is the best kind of work and 100% worth doing if you want to turn the page to experiencing a more fulfilling life. ” ~ Camille Kustin, California

“I approached Gloria because I was looking for additional help in letting go of personal behaviors and ways of thinking that were no longer serving me in my life. I was unable to free myself from these behaviors using the techniques and my current understanding of the tools I had in my personal tool belt.  Gloria confidentially and lovingly guided me through a process of releasing the unwanted behaviors, while at the same time helping me strengthen and better utilize my spiritual techniques and tools. The result is that I am free of the thoughts and behaviors that have held me back from moving forward in life towards reaching my personal goals. I felt very safe during the process, unrushed, and supported with never-ending unconditional love. I found the experience positively life changing. I recommend Gloria to anyone who would like to live a freer, happier life that will enable them to take a giant step forward in reaching their personal goals. ” ~ Suzanne I., California

“Being a certified life coach myself, and having taken many courses investing hundreds of hours in personal study, I am stunned at how Gloria Ramirez 12 Steps to Mastery program has uncovered hidden programs STILL operating in my subconscious mind!  Even more surprising is how fast Gloria is able to identify, unlock and release these programs using her innate God given talents. I encourage everyone to gift themselves with the opportunity to really set themselves free at last. Get in, commit to play full on, and you are assured a life of joy and abundance.” ~ Cindy Sheppard, Certified Life Success Coach

“I thank God for sending Gloria into my life. She has helped me shift from negative thoughts into positive thinking and brought me closer to God. For anyone who has issues, Gloria is the perfect facilitator to help you clear all the baggage in a loving way. She has helped awaken and bring me to a different world by showing me how to release the thoughts and anger that didn’t serve me to the Holy Spirit and how to replace them with unconditional love. I am grateful for the knowledge she taught me which helps me to be a better person and a more loving child of God. Thank God for an angel such as Gloria who helped me transform my life. I hope many people will find her and be blessed by her gifts.”~ Merlyn Puntolillo, Coconut Creek, Florida

“Gloria Ramirez is an angel in physical form that will take you from unawareness to spiritual wisdom, from suffering to the joy of life and from resentment to self-love and love to others. In sixteen weeks I managed to give up smoking, save my relationship with my girlfriend and believe in myself to achieve all my dreams. With Gloria, you will be able to reach that spiritual place where all dreams come true. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your wonderful teachings.” ~ Oscar Escallada, Lifesuccess consultant, author and speaker

“12 Steps to Mastery has helped me get to the core of my being so I could heal issues that have prevented me from moving forward in my spiritual studies. I now receive messages and guidance from the Universe and I am very grateful to Gloria for offering this course. She truly walks her talk and is such a good example of what that means.” ` Barbara Brown, Plantation, FL

“I’m so grateful to have participated in The 12 Steps to Mastery Program.  I want to let you know that each step and process had a profound effect on my life. You are such an amazing coach and healer.  Your abilities and gifts as the leader, the coach, the friend, your understanding and compassion, the visionary leader and more, all came into play during our sessions.   I made a list of what happened in the 12 Steps to Mastery for me

  • I developed more faith in God.
  • I took responsibility for myself.
  • I learned to Stand up for myself and respect myself as never before.
  • I released the past, and accepted it.  It was what it was.  (Now get out of here past! )
  • I brought out the true spiritual being that I am.
  •  I learned to love myself more.
  • I began undoing of what was done.
  • I created a new self-image.
  • I now am able to control my emotions even more.
  • Brought me to learn to connect and learn and listen even more to our mastermind group and other people.”

Andy Kostow, Dream Life Thinking
Proctor and Gallagher Institute Certified Consultant & Facilitator
Thinking Into Results Coach

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