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The variety of tele seminars, in-person seminars, workshops, and one-on-one coaching programs that Gloria offers, are helping – and impacting very deeply – hundreds of lives on this planet.

Here’s a quick overview of Gloria’s most popular services:

Public Speaking – Gloria is a dynamic, powerful speaker who inspires and empowers audiences with her charisma and passion. Click here to find out more about her credentials

Conferences – Gloria was recently voted by participants of  “The Inspiration University” conference, the favorite speaker among all the speakers. She consistently delivers powerful, authentic messages and life-changing content and the people who hire her always bring her back. Click here to find out more about her topics

Tele Seminars – Gloria’s reputation regarding the facilitation of teleseminars is outstanding. More than 15 years of teaching weekly prosperity tele seminars have made her an expert and well sought out speaker. Click here to find out more


Coaching – Gloria has an extraordinary ability to help people clear the blocks to success in any area of their life and masterfully directs them to apply practices and concepts that result in tangible transformation. More about her coaching expertise

  • 12 Steps to Mastery  Coaching Program This is the most amazing, results-proven program you will ever experience.
  • Individual Coaching – Gives you the opportunity to focus on any issue in your life that is of most importance to you
  • Corporate Coaching  – Focuses on working with tailored programs that will create results that will affect the bottom line
  • Couples Coaching – A powerful resource to have a professional who is neutral help you in reestablishing the balance in your relationship.
  • Family Coaching – Is the most powerful method to involve all the members in a join effort to create harmonious results.
  • Emotional Coaching – empowers you as you clear wounds from the past by healing them from the root.
  • Spiritual Coaching – Spiritual healing is the touch of the Spirit of God in us, and when it touches us, it awakens us to a new dimension of life.

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“Gloria is truly a gifted healer. Her work has helped me to fully live my life’s vision.” ~ Johnny Reagan, Founder, Vision:Miami

“Thank you for your encouragement and support. I am amazed on the transformation this work with you is bringing into my life. All the pain, shame, victimization is being transmuted into self-acceptance, under your guidance and non-judgmental coaching. You are EXTRAORDINARY!!!! Last session brought me an experience of freedom beyond measure.” ~ Regina Foley, psychotherapist


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