Developing a SUCCESS Mindset

How to accept all the good the Universe has for You


8-week Class Series

Starts on Thursday, October 14

5 pm PST – 8 pm EST ( Classes will be recorded)



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$160 –  8-week class series

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This powerful experiential Success Program is based on the life-altering principles contained in “The Success Book” by John Randolph Price. For eight weeks you will take a journey of self-transformation by letting go of all limitations to your success. This class series will provide you with a road map to the land of affluence within you. It is a journey of joy to that glorious inner realm of limitless possibilities where every true desire is fulfilled.

There are certain Principles of Success, universal truths which, when realized will free you from lack and limitation in any area of your life. The daily practice of these principles will open your consciousness to the infinite riches within.

You will learn how to overcome the major obstacles to achieving success, how to condition consciousness to achieve the right livelihood, and how the law of fulfillment works through various mind-sets.

Includes a 60-day master plan for true success in life: For 60 days, students will follow certain
success principles, which when realized will free them from lack and limitation

In this 8-week class series you will:

  • Realize that a changed consciousness will produce a more abundant life.
  • Shift the patterns of the past to the flow of miracles.
  • Envision the new you with your change in consciousness.
  • Have the opportunity to let go of any blocks through the power of spiritual healing, as Gloria is a powerful channel of the healing love of the Holy Spirit.
  • Take home powerful, practical tools that you can use every day for the continuous receptivity of the flow of abundance.


In these eight life-transforming weekly, 90-minute classes, you will be given tools and practices to master the following areas:

  • Developing a consciousness for Success
  • Your Gifts and Talents for Success
  • Removing a Major Obstacle to Success
  • The Law of Success Works on Many Levels
  • Your True Worth
  • The Attributes of Success
  • A Master Plan for Success

Each 90 minute class will include:

  • The discussion of a weekly topic
  • Sharing of previous week’s experience with assignments
  • Internal exercises
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual healing to help remove blocks
  • Weekly-personalized life assignments

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This has been a  deeply life transforming series that challenged me intellectually in ways like never before.  Outside the box thinking and strategies that are brilliant that can be easily learned and incorporated into everyday life and business. Gloria, your teaching abilities get better with every class, your insight and interpretations of these powerful strategies and examples  allow us to better absorb these invaluable insights.  You are a truly gifted teacher and spiritual leader who so eloquently teaches with  sincerity and a deeply rooted conviction that is truly inspiring.  My life will never be the same and I look forward to being a student for a very long time…you add so much value to my life, to my family and relationships we are so profusely grateful of your gifts.”

~Monique Giliberti, Palm Beach, FL

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