From Bondage to Freedom


My Experience with the 12 Steps

It was the year 1997 and the pain of going through my second divorce was so intense that I finally decided to seek help. A family member recommended for me to go to a support group. Her recommendation was the beginning of an awakening journey.

I remember that all I did at the support group meetings was cry. I felt there wasn’t any hope for me and that I was going to be alone for the rest of my life. The good news is that I kept going to the meetings and I started to hear other people with similar stories. This helped me to understand that I was not the only one going through these challenges. This gave me hope, which opened a door in my heart to ask Billie Beth to help me. She was a beautiful lady who was a veteran in these meetings and a person who inspired great trust. She agreed to be my “sponsor” part-time and to guide me through my process with the 12 Steps to Mastery Coaching Program. The best way to describe the steps is that it’s a life-altering program that enables you, through a sequence of processes, to let go of the limiting conditioning of my past and guides you to create a new life based on new healthy and empowering beliefs and a self-confident winner’s image.

This was the beginning of “magic” in my life because I started to feel different. Each of the 12 step’s assignments Billie Beth gave me was healing my life in ways that were truly miraculous. I was very diligent with each of my assignments and Billie Beth was quite impressed with my level of commitment.

It was a deep and intense process but the improvement that I was experiencing kept me going and wanting more. By the time I finished the 12 steps, I was a completely changed person. My family could not believe my new behavior. I did not get upset like I used to do and all the time I was kind and patient with them. I felt a deep sense of peace. They kept asking what I had done and I told them I had completed the 12 steps. Then I realized that the main reason I had such a deep transformation was because these steps took me through a process on inner renewal that allowed me to forgive everyone, forgive myself and let go of my past. I was no longer carrying with me, any longer, the heaviness of the pain of my childhood experiences, the hurts of the past and the lack of forgiveness. I was free and this was true magic. I was now embracing the magic in me.

The magic continued and I received Divine guidance to start coaching people using the 12 Steps to Mastery Coaching Program. As I embraced my new mission in my life I started to witness miracle after miracle with each client. Every one of them has made the comment that every person on earth should experience the transformational power of the 12 Steps to Mastery Coaching Program. For over thirteen years now, I have been witnessing the miraculous results of the steps and their effect in the lives of my clients, their families, friends, co-workers, many people in their lives and of course within my own family.

As a result of my own transformation, I also became a certified coach with Bob Proctor’s LifeSucces Programs and a Platinum Member of Les Brown’s network of speakers. The effort, investment and dedication that I put into the 12 Steps to Mastery Coaching Program are nothing compared to what I have received. I will always be grateful to my sister in-law who recommended this path for me.

I invite you to remember that there is magic inside of you and you can access it by cleansing the garden of your heart and letting go of everything that does not serve you. As you commit to embracing your magic, you will be shown the ways to embark on this journey of claiming your true essence.

Affirm: There is Magic in Me!

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