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Planting Seeds of Success

By Gloria Ramirez

I have been thinking lately on how important it is to plant the right seeds, for success to come to us in any area of our lives. These seeds include positive mental attitude, trust in our abilities, honesty, an open mind, focused action and faith.

We have to be willing to look at some of our limiting beliefs or habits that we might be carrying with us from the past and have the honesty of recognizing them so we can let them go. We have to be ready to stop blaming others for the results we get in our lives and instead take full responsibility and ask for help when necessary. We have to also stop feeling guilty for the mistakes of the past. This energy can be used to adopt new behaviors.

It’s important to understand that if we keep focusing on anything negative from the past or the behaviors of others, we will continue to attract blocks to our success. This is why planting the right seeds is crucial to have a good harvest. This principle is applicable to any area of our lives, including career, health, relationships, finances, and spirituality. I realize that the sooner I replace negative self talk with positive thoughts, the more I manifest positive results in my life. It is a direct correlation. We just have to be vigilant and make the effort to shift our programming that comes from the past and from society.

I also realize that there is a beautiful benevolent power that is behind all creation. The more I trust in this power, the more its energy of love, success, and happiness flows through me impacting every area of my life. Our Creator wants for us to be successful and happy. We have to be willing to cooperate with this power by planting the right seeds of a positive mental attitude and focused right action. Focused right action means that we handle each task with total concentration, peace and faith in the perfect outcome. Then we move on to the next task and at the end of the day we will feel the productive positive results of a focused attitude.

Here are some ideas on how you can plant seeds of success:
  • Congratulate yourself for your wins
  • Be willing to change any negative habits
  • Trust in your God given abilities
  • Focus your attention (energy) in one direction
  • Keep a grateful heart
  • Have faith

: I plant seed of success with my positive mental attitude

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