12 Steps to Mastery Coaching Program – 8 month payment plan

$ 300.00

This is the most amazing, results-proven program you will ever experience. It will change your life forever!


“The 12-steps to Mastery program is an in-depth program designed for anyone who wants to truly transform any area of their life where they are experiencing any challenges. This powerful 12 step personal coaching program provides proven methods on how to shift negative conditioning and how to overcome limiting beliefs or behaviors and specially, how to remove the root programming from childhood, so you can truly transform your life.

Program Duration: 16 weeks

Weekly sessions: One hour and fifteen minutes

Each individual session includes:

  • 75-minute sessions focused on your specific needs and finding empowering solutions.
  • Weekly-personalized life assignments
  • Sharing of previous week’s experience with assignments
  • Internal exercises
  • Spiritual healing to help remove blocks
  • Accountability
  • Tools and exercises that will be given during each session

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