“For anyone seriously interested in facing their issues and clearing them, Gloria is the perfect facilitator. Working with Divine Intention she clears away the layers of emotional baggage with love, compassion and determination and makes way for the Light to come through and do it’s healing work.”~ Sudie Shipman, Happiness Coach, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Gloria is a Healer. Gloria speaks truth. Gloria listens, loves, supports and guides light and love for all who are open to receive. May you be blessed with her love and her commitment to others and may be you be open to receiving her gifts as I have. I was touched by Gloria’s ability to ask the right questions and to guide me home.” ~ Jacqueline Gardiner, L.C.S.W., Speaker, Therapist.

“Gloria is like an angel in human form. She brings the presence of Spirit with her in the private healing sessions she gives. She brings to her clients a most rare gift–that of unconditional love.” ~ Cary Bayer, Life Coach, Author, The Prosperity Aerobics, Woodstock, NY

“Gloria is truly a gifted healer. Her work has helped me to fully live my life’s vision.” ~ Johnny Reagan, Founder, Vision:Miami

“I thank God and Gloria for my awakening and for showing me another world, very different from the one I used to see. Besides my own awakening, I have 2 testimonials of physical healings channeled by Gloria through the power of the Holy Spirit: my brother who was sick with cancer and who was told by the Doctors that he was going to die, they just took new exams and the tumor has disappeared. Also, my brother-in-law, who has had three Heart surgeries, was told that he was going to die and Gloria facilitated a healing over the phone and right away he started his recovery.” ~ Alcira Ramírez, Bogota, Colombia

“Restful, peaceful sleep continues after years of waking up in the middle of the night with claustrophobia…and this is priceless. Working with you, Gloria, to release the core of those dark energies was intense work, but now soft, pink energies and visions of angels continue to swirl inside and around me where previously I felt darkness in my chest. I feel so very blessed by God, by everyone, by you. Your facilitation of the energies of the Holy Spirit has taken me to another level.” ~ Juanita Mazzarella, Founder Oasis House, Miami, FL

“I am writing to personally thank you for the healing session I recently had with you. You are a gentle, loving and powerful channel of God’s work and I will never forget the peaceful and safe feeling that I lingered after the end of the session. Since then, my life is working better for me than ever before. I appreciate your part in this divine unfoldment.” ~ Todd Puntolillo author, writer and columnist, Coconut Creek, FL

“Gloria is a very special being who fully embodies what she believes and teaches — the love of the Holy Spirit. Through commitment to her path, she has accessed her particular gift for healing, and generously shares that gift with the rest of us.” ~ Laurie Shank, Founder, Life Power Workshops, Coconut Grove, FL

“I can feel the pure love and light of the Holy Spirit flow through Gloria and bless my entire being with its presence. Gloria is truly an angel of the highest order.” ~ Damon Dickinson, Asheville, NC

“As a Licensed therapist for 20 years, nothing was more painful to me than to have a nervous breakdown while on a recent business trip. After one healing session with Gloria, my pain was gone, my healing complete and my heart restored. The experience me so completely, I fired my own therapist immediately. All my love Gloria.” ~ Cheri Najor, Speaker, Author


I approached Gloria because I was looking for additional help in letting go of personal behaviors and ways of thinking that were no longer serving me in my life. I was unable to free myself from these behaviors using the techniques and my current understanding of the tools I had in my personal toolbelt.  Gloria confidentially and lovingly guided me through a process of releasing the unwanted behaviors, while at the same time helping me strengthen and better utilize my spiritual techniques and tools. The result is that I am free of the thoughts and behaviors that have held me back from moving forward in life towards reaching my personal goals. I felt very safe during the process, unrushed, and supported with never-ending unconditional love. I found the experience positively life changing. I recommend Gloria to anyone who would like to live a freer, happier life that will enable them to take a giant step forward in reaching their personal goals.”~ Suzanne I., CA

“Being a certified life coach myself, and having taken many courses investing hundreds of hours in personal study, I am stunned at how Gloria Ramirez 12 Steps to Mastery program has uncovered hidden programs STILL operating in my subconscious mind!  Even more surprising is how fast Gloria is able to identify, unlock and release these programs using her innate God given talents. I encourage everyone to gift themselves with the opportunity to really set themselves free at last. Get in, commit to play full on and you are assured a life of joy and abundance.”~ Cindy Sheppard, Certified Life Success Coach

“I thank God for sending Gloria into my life. She has helped me shift from negative thoughts into positive thinking and brought me closer to God.  For anyone who has issues, Gloria is the perfect facilitator to help you clear all the baggage in a loving way.  She has helped awaken and bring me to a different world by showing me how to release the thoughts and anger that didn’t serve me to the Holy Spirit and how to replace them with unconditional love.  I am grateful for the knowledge she taught me which helps me to be a better person and a more loving child of God.  Thank God for an angel such as Gloria who helped me transform my life. I hope many people will find her and be blessed by her gifts.”~ Merlyn Puntolillo, Coconut Creek, Florida

“The 12 Steps to Mastery is powerful. It’s a journey of healing, of self-transformation. This program takes real courage, but with Gloria’s loving guidance and support, you’re sure to invigorate your spiritual life and learn new tools to help you overcome the obstacles that keep you from realizing your own highest potential. “Sambhava Burke, CA

“If you are feeling stuck in your life (personally, professionally, in relationships of all kinds) and would like to start moving forward in a fun, positive, dynamic and loving way, then Gloria is the right person to work with. I have had the good fortune to work with Gloria in individual healing sessions, the 12 Steps to Self Mastery program, as well as relationship coaching, all of which have been incredibly positive, helpful and healing, in all areas of my life. My self-esteem and sense self-worth have skyrocketed, making me happier, healthier, more relaxed and better able to navigate through life with all its ups and downs. Gloria is exceedingly confidential. She is the epitome of true unconditional love, understanding, support, friendship, and guidance. If you want to make positive and lasting changes in yourself and in your life, I strongly encourage you to reach out Gloria and work with her today. Many blessings on your healing journey.” – Suzanne Ilgun, CA

“It was a pleasure and blessing to complete the 12 Steps to Mastery program with Gloria. I actually had the wonderful opportunity to complete this program at the same time as my partner, which was an incredible gift. While we met with Gloria independently, I truly felt the power of us doing this together and I believe that this program helped us to strengthen our relationship immensely. We were both able to see how our past tendencies and patterns were showing up in our current relationship. We gained a deeper understanding of ourselves, each other, and how to lovingly communicate and support one another going forward.
Personally, I felt lovingly guided and held the whole way through. The program offers a beautiful opportunity to be more present with oneself, and to recognize the patterns and tendencies that we carry through life. It helped me to release that which no longer serves me and to embrace my higher qualities. Make no mistake, you must put in the work to reap the benefits. You must take accountability and be willing to complete the reflection exercises and activities between sessions to spur transformation.
Gloria is a very clear channel, she steps aside and lets your Higher Power take over during her sessions. At every critical point, when I felt my fears or resistance showing up, I appreciated the fact that Gloria held me accountable to my own growth and encouraged me to transcend. I feel that I have truly expanded myself throughout this program. Rather than an end, I feel such motivation to continue my journey in growth and am very grateful to have had this wonderful experience with Gloria.”Ana Kirsch, CA
“I first came to Gloria looking to find answers. Going through life confused I was searching for peace. No matter what I did I was always running into the same blocks. Gloria and I agreed that the 12 steps to self mastery program would benefit me a great deal, and it did! I have always been someone trying to do things perfectly for the best outcome. Doing the 12 steps program was so amazing! Gloria helped me figure out all of my patterns and where they came from. She has an amazing way of guiding you and helping you understand what’s going on in your life, why and what to do about it. I have tried everything and always felt like there was a hole in my heart. Now I feel whole in every sense of the word. I was able to overcome childhood and adult fears and create new goals for the future. Finishing the 12 step program was like a fresh start on life. That pain that I learned to live with is no longer there and when I feel triggered I know exactly what to do to put myself at peace. Going through the program I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to change my ways but by the end it happened naturally. Just making sense of the past and creating tools to deal with them was life-changing. My relationships truly improved 110% as well as my relationship with myself. I highly recommend this process.” ~ Alina Chanel

Gracias, gracias Gloria, con los 12 pasos mi vida ha sido transformada. Los 12 pasos me acercan a Dios, con ellos he tomado responsabilidad de mis experiencias de vida y he recordado mi esencia divina. Gracias Gloria, contigo he integrado que la solución para todo siempre es el AMOR y que somos canales de ese Amor para poder ayudar a los demás.” ~Gemma Sanz, Espana


“Just being with Gloria is a changing experience. She is living her values, she is living in Love. And this is infectious. You almost have no choice but to be lifted up. The Four Agreements class was very powerful for me. All aspects of the class were necessary: the group meeting every week, the weekly assignments and then practicing the new agreements. It transformed my life. And I have done a lot of spiritual and therapeutic work. Maybe even thinking, ‘I know most there is to know about me’. Ha! Well first of all The Four Agreements are simple but extremely powerful if you apply them. Then having the power of the group and of Gloria supporting you to go farther and dig deeper. I have shed so many layers and revealed more of what I really am. I can hold my head higher because I am much more in integrity with myself. I highly recommend working with Gloria individually and in her groups.” Emily Eby, California

“Good morning, I wanted to thank you for an amazing class, I have learned that having courage, calmness and confidence are the secrets to dealing with any difficulty’s life sends. This class has helped me tremendously. It is transforming, life changing and I highly recommend. Thank you Gloria, God bless you!” Janeth Smith

“This has been a  deeply life transforming series that challenged me intellectually in ways like never before.  Outside the box thinking and strategies that are brilliant that can be easily learned and incorporated into everyday life and business. Gloria, your teaching abilities get better with every class, your insight and interpretations of these powerful strategies and examples  allow us to better absorb these invaluable insights.  You are a truly gifted teacher and spiritual leader who so eloquently teaches with  sincerity and a deeply rooted conviction that is truly inspiring.  My life will never be the same and I look forward to being a student for a very long time…you add so much value to my life, to my family and relationships we are so profusely grateful of your gifts.” ~ Monique Giliberti, Palm Beach, FL

“Gloria’s AWAKEN THE RICHES Within teleseminar series was a wondrous experience!  It was professionally produced and perfectly executed.  I’ve read, researched, studied LOA and self-help information for decades, thought I knew it all and I have been teaching it and writing about it.  But my results weren’t there.  So I eagerly took Gloria’s class.  Even though I’ve read the book a couple of times, Gloria’s profound love, grace, humor and enthusiasm made it come alive, pertinent, meaningful and effective.  Light-bulbs flashed in my consciousness weekly.  I applied what I learned with Gloria’s reminders, promptings and easy homework assignments.  She held us accountable.  I particularly appreciate Gloria’s immensely powerful prayers!  It all works!  I’m enjoying a deeply profound peace about money.  I revel in a much closer connection to the All-That-Is.  I luxuriate in trust that all of my needs are supplied.  My 3D results continue to improve in often miraculous ways.  I enthusiastically recommend Gloria’s classes to everyone!”~ Marcus Geier, Sarasota, FL

“I can’t thank you enough for your “above and beyond” study of The Science of Getting Rich taken through your Awakening The Riches Within  12 week program. I have invested in several programs using this same book as the foundation for teaching prosperity principles but never have I experienced such a depth of understanding. Your personal insight and additional content including assignments, meditations, and group healings, as well as your consistent call to action and excellence, bring it all to life, making it real and applicable, if not automatic!
With my deepest appreciation and gratitude I thank you also for your willingness to pursue the much debated topic of tithing so that others may benefit from the steady flow of effortless abundance that is available to them. “~ 
C Sheppard, Life Success Coach

“This workshop has been very powerful and transformative for me. Gloria’s energy, love, compassion, and power through the intention of the Divine has not only helped me heal & release most of the blocks that I have created, but also helped me open my eyes to my own divinity, power, and ability to accept the flow of abundance that has always already been to pour on me. I recommend this to anyone that is wanting to see positive shifts in their life.”~ Damaris Cruz, Licensed Massage/Physical Therapist, Miami, FL

“This course gave me the opportunity to see and allow prosperity in a very real way into my life. In the past commitment was vague and others mirror my behavior by not being 100% committed. I now allow myself to achieve the promises and do what I have dreamed such as begin following my passion to create my own business to be a photographer. I am taking the course again and I am excited to see the results of playing bigger.”~ Arelis Picot, Photographer, Arelis Photo, Dania, FL.

“I would like to take this moment to sincerely thank you for your presence in my life. You are one of the first real masters I have had the privilege to be able to interact with on a personal level and it has truly made an impact on my life. You, authentically and without exemption, talk your talk and walk your walk. Your intense, spiritual connection with infinite intelligence comforts me, gives me hope and builds my faith that we can truly create the life of our dreams when we learn and apply certain basic principles of nature. Thank you for not only teaching me this, but holding me accountable for applying them to my life and my actions.”~ Jessica Garcia, Owner

“This 12 week telecourse was outstanding in every way. Gloria is a great and compassionate teacher, and assisted me in shifting from a duality based existence and into the Vortex…which is direct alignment with Source energy and with myself. There is a new freedom in my heart as I was guided to communicate with siblings in the spirit of forgiveness, and release the pain from the past. My health has never been better as a result and I am sleeping peacefully and waking up refreshed. This is truly a priceless blessing. Thank you Rev. Gloria for your excellent way of letting God teach through you to all your students who are benefiting from your teleclasses, seminars and coaching. I highly recommend these classes to anyone who is looking to make a giant leap forward in consciousness and contentment for their lives.” ~ Juanita Mazarella, Founder Oasis House

“I just finished my six week program with Gloria, “The Secret to Permanent Prosperity” featuring Rhonda Brynes book, The Secret.  I have taken many classes but this has been by far the best.  Gloria is a gift to all of us.  I truly feel the reason for her success is the impeccable life that she lives, her devotion to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Her classes were most interesting, informative and she was very thorough in following the book, “The Secret”.  We had weekly assignments that were well thought out to enhance our learning experience.  I highly recommend Gloria to anyone who is looking for a life/spiritual coach.”~ Carolyn, Danville, CA

“This has been a great experience for me. I can feel my mind shifting, my awareness opening and my attention on positive prosperous thoughts. The daily practice of the exercises and the faith no matter what appears are creating big changes starting from the inside. I am finally understanding the value of myself, really grasping the whole picture of being in integrity with myself, loving who I am and really knowing that I deserve….”~ Sabrina Fajardo, President & CEO TLZ Design Group, LLC.

“As always, Gloria never fails when is comes to going in depth to study a book I may or may not have known about. I was introduced to the book, “Awaken Your True Potential”, when Gloria offered this class. This book has helped me with deepening my  meditation as well staying awake while meditating with the tips provided and explained by Gloria. Thank You again!”~ Gina M. Grandberry 


“Experiencing Rev. Gloria’s” 12 Steps To Mastery” workshop was a great privilege.  I have seen powerful presentations in my 44 years of personal ministry.  Rev. Gloria is an extraordinary facilitator of heart transformations.   Her workshops are for those ready to go deep in their soul journey and awaken to the empowered beings that they are.  What makes her work even more potent is that she asks no one to do what she herself has not.    She is about stirring the Victorious Spirit within each of us.”~ Dr. Charles D. Geddes, Founder/Spiritual Director of Bridges of Wellness, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I did enjoy my seminar. Gloria gives a lot of value & energy into her work for her students’ outcome. I know my life will be changed forever. It makes me want to happy cry just thinking about how much her work is needed in the World.”~ Megan O’Connor, Trainer, Consultant, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I wish I had millions of dollars to send every human being I encounter to attend and experience “Awaken Your Inner Power”. I just finished it and I feel blessed for spending 2 days pouring out all of my childhood programming. I feel light and very assured that I can do and be and have anything I want. Gloria Ramirez is a gift to everyone who meets her. She teaches from experience and from her heart. She is one of the most loving people I ever met. I am thankful to the Higher Power that our paths crossed in this life time.”~ Regina Fooley, Psychotherapist, Tamarac, FL

“Unlock Your Inner Power workshop is a powerful experience. It showed me that I have all the tools I need to better my life and the lives of those around me. Thank you so very much.”~ Shannon Griffin, Client Manager, Pompano Beach, FL

“Gloria Ramirez has a message of unconditional love that really connected with our audience of success-oriented achievers. Gloria’s message and powerful 3-step process for releasing life experiences that don’t serve us well really, really works! Gloria’s personal story of redemption through love is a story that we al can identify with. In addition, Gloria was a fantastic member of the team of expert trainers that made my How To Create A Life Worth Living Blueprint Workshop a super success. I recommend Gloria to anyone and everyone who wants to step beyond the life experiences that have held them back.”~ Darryl L. Mobley, “The Life Acceleration Expert”

“This seminar awoke my soul to a higher dimension.  It provided me with the tools to get in alignment with the power of my Creator. It helped me understand that my Divine Nature is like a powerful divine hero inside me, who gives me the guidance to do what I need to do and nothing can stand in my way. I feel free like a bird flying in the sky, not worrying about anything and like a solid rock, that nothing and no one can hurt.  Thank you, Gloria, for your wonderful teachings.” Elena Betancur-Bernard, Former Colombian criminal Judge


“In this Ananda meditation workshop I learned wonderful techniques to take my meditation practice a step further and a breath deeper. Gloria Ramirez is a lively, conscious, highly intuitive and kind teacher. I am looking forward to her next workshop. Namaste.” ~ Jimmy, Florida

“The meditation techniques Gloria shares are incredibly powerful in their simplicity. Even after nine years of meditating, what I learned in this workshop helped me go very deep in less time and with less struggle. It’s now become easier to calm my mind and touch the divine. Thank you Gloria! ~ Carlos Torres, Florida

“Había estado meditando por dos años y habia recibido beneficios.  Sin embargo en la clase de Gloria “Desarrolla tu Practica de Meditación”, me di cuenta que mi forma de meditar aun era primitiva.  En esta clase aprendí nuevas herramientas que me estan llevado a un nivel de conciencia más alla de lo que yo me había imaginado.  Mi conexión con el Divino amor se hace más profundo. Mi paz interior, mi alegría y gozo creceen cada día más.  Mis proyectos se hacen realidad y el amor incondicional a los demás crece con la posibilidad de que sobreabunde.” ~ Elena Betancur, Florida

“I had been meditating for two years and had received benefits. However, in Gloria’s “Develop your Meditation Practice,” I realized that my way of meditating was still primitive. In this class I learned new tools that led me to a level of consciousness beyond what I had imagined. My connection with Divine love deepened. My peace, my joy and happiness are growing every day. Actually my projects and unconditional love for others grows with the possibility of overflowing.”~ Elena Betancur, Florida

“For me it was a very special experience. Thanks to the Seminar of meditation now I have a better understanding in my mind to have more spirituality and a great connection with our Creator, the God who made us perfect and with which we are to leave a deep impression of love and respect for one another and ourselves. I’m sure that as we follow all instructions that we were given with so much love and professionalism, we will have very positive results in our life. I recommend this program hundred percent to all who will want to take it. “~ Maria Elvira, Florida


“When Gloria speaks … people listen. The moment you meet Gloria you instantly feel her high energy and open heart. Then she speaks and her messages are meaningful, profound and exactly what you need to hear. I have been privileged to work with Gloria and her guidance and support has helped me stay true to my values, expand my ideas and continuously reminds me of the bigger picture. Thank you Gloria for guidance, support and of course … that contagious laughter!” ~ Nancy Matthews, Speaker, Author, Co-Founder WPN

“I wanted to thank you for the Great Call last night!  Your presentations and information, with simple action steps, always have a positive impact on me, cause a “shift” for me and/or assist me to “take it to the next level” every time I have the honor of connecting with you!  And, your ripple effect is so powerful too.  I always share some of the talk with at least a few other people afterward and through me you help them too, as I’m sure many of the other participants do too.  You are Changing Lives for the Better!  God Bless You!” ~ Susan Wiener, Co-Founder Women’s Prosperity Network


“This workshop has been of invaluable help for me and my work team. I believe that now we are connected at the business level to be able to accomplish our goals and I am certain we will see more harmony in our team work.” ~ Juan Carlos Gaona, Commercial Director, Teaching &Tutoring College, Bogotá, Colombia

“It has been a very positive experience. I grew as a person, discovered new things and above all now I understand many situations in my life. With the tools that you have given us I am certain I will be able to overcome any challenging moment.” ~ Maryanne Stein de Potdevin, Teacher, Teaching &Tutoring College, Bogotá, Colombia


“I just finished the Master Mind class “Think and Grow Rich” with you. It was absolutely wonderful! I have learned so much in these past weeks from your class. I have been working on self-improvement and my spiritual growth for some time, but your amazing class has brought it to the next level. The book itself is great but the knowledge you bring to it is incredible! You have a wealth of Information to share but what I love even more is that you truly embody what you teach. Your amazing high level of energy is contagious and you beautiful spiritual energy can be felt from far away. I feel very privileged to have been part in your amazing class and to learn from you. It truly is an honor to have met you! I cannot thank you enough and I am certainly looking forward to attend future classes with you. I highly recommend your classes to anybody that sincerely wants to grow and take their Life to the next Level! Thank you so much!!!” ~ Vanessa S. http://www.tonessi.net/

“It was an honor to be a member of Gloria’s Mastermind group. Gloria’s enthusiasm and positive energy provided the right mix of inspiration and motivation that forced me to think bigger and reach higher. Without a doubt, the experience was mind changing and life changing.” ~ Ellie Nieves, Leadership Strategies for Women, http://www.ellienieves.com/

“I am so grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of the Think & Grow Rich class 3 times now.  Each time made me go to a higher level of prosperity and limitless thinking where I took bold steps in Faith knowing that I can attain my goals and dreams.  Attending the class each week was so valuable in that it removed all thoughts of negativity and disbelief and gave me renewed faith and hope and determination.  Your guidance in this subject is amazing. Your dedication to constant growth and to help others toward their prosperity is admirable.  I have really enjoyed having you in my life and I thank you for your support and encouragement and helping me to build my Faith and be Persistent in the achievement of my goal.  You are the BEST! ” ~ Fay Hassall, Wellness Coach, http://www.yourstressreduction.com/

“Attending Gloria Ramirez’s MasterMind Group was wonderful!  The group provided focus, energy, mindshare, support and education to begin to create my dreams.  I want to thank her over and over for the generous gift she gave in leading this group.” ~ Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn, The Intuitive Millionaire Facilitator, www.lauramendelsohn.com


“I can feel the pure love and light of the Holy Spirit flow through Gloria and bless my entire being with its presence. Gloria is truly an angel of the highest order” ~ Damon Dickinson, Asheville, NC

“Gloria’s services are so heartfelt, genuine, and natural… she touches each person — literally! — and opens in each of us a greater awareness of our own Inner Healer. To know Gloria is to be enriched. I am grateful to have her as a friend and to know her as a channel for healing.” ~ Laurie Shank, Founder, Life Power Workshops, Coconut Grove, FL

“I just wanted to share what a beautiful spiritual experience we had last night a the meditation healing service given by Gloria Ramirez. It was a gift for all of those in the presence of spirit” ~ John Papavaretis, Miami, FL


“I have played your CD over 200 times. I know it is Divine because I have a different experience every time. It is true infinite healing, all for under $20 bucks.” ~ Rhonda Masure, Life Coach, www.iicoach.com, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Uncover Your Glorious Being, Finding the Magic in You by Gloria Ramirez is my kind of book. It is an interesting story of how Gloria found her beautiful inner spirit. She also describes the things she did to help her get to this amazing place in her life where she is a light for others. She offers some wonderful tips of things to do that helped her learn to change her mind set and become a more positive and loving person. By doing these things she is now able to be a light for others. She has helped me uncover my glorious being and I am so grateful for her. You will really get a lot out of this book. I am reading it again for the third time and taking in chapter by chapter what she is teaching.” ~ Shirah Penn, FL

“This morning I have read the first two chapters. They are very moving, and I find the life wisdom you convey in them so inspiring. I look forward to turning the pages of your new book with great appreciation for our Glorious Being. Thank you for sharing yourself so candidly.” ~ Jim Aguilar

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