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FREE: First Monday, monthly @ 9 am PST ~ 12 noon EST

If you are looking for answers on how to have more prosperity, deeper peace, lasting joy and a more fulfilling life, our free Thank God it’s Monday monthly inspirational call will give you empowering answers.

The first Monday, every month at 9 am PST ~ 12 noon EST, you will be gifted with practical inspiring messages and powerful tools that will help you start your month with a positive frame of mind and a new fresh perspective on how to embrace your daily life experiences with a winning attitude.

Remember, it is your right to be successful in all areas of your life. Every “Thank God it’s Monday” FREE inspirational call will give you a road map to your success. At the end of the call you will:

  • Feel inspired and motivated to move forward with your goals with faith and determination
  • Feel empowered to make changes in your life to adopt new life-giving beliefs and habits
  • Feel supported and driven to do and be your best

You are welcome to invite anyone you would like. We never know how we can transform someone’s life just by sharing!

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“I’d like to express how much I enjoy your Monday morning calls Your message each week is greatly inspiring and I live in gratitude that I have this blessing to listen to you.” ~ Carol Wilkinson

“I found so many good things in your speech this morning that I wanted to thank you again. Specially on living with passion in your life as this true calling has been a battle for me professionally. Now I know that I am here to help people living & eating healthier and take care of their body. You totally changed my mood of this Monday Morning. Thanks again for this.” ~ Anne

“Thank you for the especially beautiful message today, Gloria. You are truly an inspirational spirit of love.” ~ Laura Newman

“I want express a heartfelt thank you for your TGIM calls.  Your topic yesterday was so relevant to some root issues that have recently been revealed. I am so glad I learned of your workshop in Ft Lauderdale those few years ago, and followed Holy Spirit’s guidance to attend. I am blessed to know you and receive your positive energy and guidance each week.” ~ K.D.

“I listened this morning to the “Thank God it’s Monday” webinar, and your words resonated to the deepest level of my core being.  I was so moved, and empowered.  It probably changed my consciousness, my thoughts, my perspective, and therefore my life. I am so very grateful…timing was definitely Divine.  I was so moved by your ending prayer; it completely opened my heart…. I cried and still am.” ~ Beth Stoller

This is what another participant shared:

“I enjoy your calls. Your content is very valuable your energy and passion infectious….”


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