How to Eliminate Self-Defeating Patterns and Attract True Success

This life-transforming program offers profound teachings based on universal truth principles
to help you focus your 
energy and effort to attain success in all areas of your life

Success in every area depends on the strength and quality of your magnetism. Discover how to release the enormous energy latent within and direct it one-pointedly toward whatever you want to achieve.

Paramhansa Yogananda the great spiritual teacher and author of the classic, Autobiography of a Yogi described spiritual magnetism as the power of all powers, and often counseled people, even those seeking material success, to concentrate first on developing spiritual magnetism. He said: Develop power to attract the highest thing, then you can easily attract all lesser things. When we have strong spiritual magnetism, we are able to attract whatever else we need: inspiration, money, the right job, a good living situation, or a compatible life partner.”

This program is based on the book “Change Your Magnetism, Change Your Life“, written by Naidhruva Rush who graduated from Harvard Law School, and worked in the Civil Rights Movement as a staff attorney for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Naidhruva has served as a minister and teacher at Ananda, offering courses on meditation and spiritual living.

11-week course

Thursdays, Weekly

5pm PST – 8pm EST (Each class will be recorded)



$220/$199 class series ($21 savings)

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Weekly payments of $20/class (Total of 11 payments)

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  1. Will power and Energy
  2. Concentration
  3. Enthusiasm
  4. Kindness
  5. Positive Attitudes
  6. Honesty and Truthfulness
  7. Integrity
  8. Solution Consciousness
  9. Non Attachement
  10. The Law of Karma
  11. Attunement with the Infinite Consciousness


In these 11 life-transforming weekly, 90-minute classes, you will be given tools and practices that will include:

  • The presentation of a weekly topic
  • Sharing of previous week’s experience with assignments
  • Guided visualizations and Meditations
  • Spiritual healing to help remove blocks
  • Weekly-personalized life assignments
  • Inspirational video classes
  • Guided affirmations and journaling exercises
  • Personal support (via email)
  • Certificate of Completion

“This has been a great experience for me. I can feel my mind shifting, my awareness opening and my attention on positive prosperous thoughts. The daily practice of the exercises and the faith no matter what appears are creating big changes starting from the inside. I am finally understanding the value of myself, really grasping the whole picture of being in integrity with myself, loving who I am and really knowing that I deserve….” – Sabrina Fajardo, President & CEO TLZ Design Group, LLC.

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Gloria Ramirez ( is an extraordinary facilitator of heart transformations.  Her classes are for those ready to go deep in their soul journey and awaken to the empowered beings that they are. What makes her work even more potent is that she asks no one to do what she herself has not.  Gloria is about stirring the Victorious Spirit within each of us.

Gloria worked very successfully for more than 15 years with corporations, including North American television network NBC, as the director of online marketing. Her education includes a degree in Economics and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Gloria is also the author of the book “Discover your Glorious Being.”


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